Being an artist and why I hate black Friday.

Being a small business owner and artist is hard work. People think you just get to fuck around all day making pretty things, but it's actually really hard work. As your only employee, you are responsible for all functions of the business; accounting, paperwork, marketing, product creation/testing, selling, packaging, shipping, blogging/website design, social media, etc.

There are a lot of weeks where I work 12-16 hours a day on my business, and I don't get paid for that.

One of my biggest greivances as a small business owner is Black Friday, which is a thing here in America where all the stores sell things for really low prices for one day. People literally trample each other to death to buy things half off. First of all, I find that kind of behaviour disgusting. Second of all, it makes it hard for small businesses and artisans to compete. We can't offer things at such a low price because most of us can't afford to lose that much money. Our businesses are not supporting high level CEOs with four vacations homes and yachts. We are supporting ourselves, our families, trying to put gas in our cars and food on our table. 90% of the work we do, we aren't paid for. We only make a profit when we make a sale, and all that is after you take away the money for materials and various other expenses.

This time of year I think is especially hard on us, especially if our sales have been down. We're trying to save money for the holidays on top of our regular living expenses and we can't compete with big businesses. While I do think things like #Small Business Saturday and shopping local and handmade are on the rise, it's still not enough to keep most of us afloat.

Most people would give up when faced with this bleak reality, but I keep hanging on in the hopes someday I will be successful. I work very hard because I've always wanted to be an artist and sell my creations. I put all my love into each one and I like to see people smile when they receive something I made for them myself.

I want to work hard until the end, and be good at what I do, and bring happiness to people with my quirky creations. That's why I'm an artist. Even though my job can be depressing and discouraging, I won't give up. Someday I will be able to firmly support myself and be able to do the things I want to do, without worry. It's just hard to keep going at times. This can be very hard on a person emotionally, especially when money is tight and hard to come by.

If you want to do what you love, you absolutely should. BUT, be sure you love it enough to turn it into a career. It's a long hard road and there might not be anyone to support you. Turning your passion into a career might make you hate the thing you once loved. You have to be fully committed or you won't succeed and you have to find ways to keep enjoying it, even when times are hard.

So that's my advice, my rant and why I do what I do.

Amanda ドキドキ

PS: If you want to see more of my art, or my creations, please visit my Etsy and Facebook !

I Love Photographing Nature.

And Cemeteries.

And using my photographs to make really cool art.
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Today the thought of leftovers makes me cringe. The problem with cooking so much food is that you no longer want to eat it. wwww

Usually leftovers are my favorite things. But today we're ordering pizza instead of finishing off Thanksgiving leftovers. Which means 0 cooking for me today. YAY!

I know it's baffling to other countries that we make so much food on this one day. And also on Christmas. But honestly, I like to cook. I really like to feed people. Cooking is an expression of love. So it makes me happy to cook for my family on the holidays. Yesterday I made sure everyone took enough food home with them so they could enjoy it today if they didn't want to cook. I like to take care of people. And now that grandma is getting older, it's too hard for her to cook for all those people, so I get to do it.

This was what I cooked yesterday:

Roast Turkey and Mashed Potatoes

Gravy and Stuffing

Everyone else brought food too. There was so much! And a lot of sweets too. But I didn't get a picture of those. I was too tired to remember to take pictures.

Tomorrow, my sister and my mom will come for dinner and help us eat the rest. My sister wasn't able to join us yesterday so she's coming on Saturday.

Basically, in America, everyone eats too much on Thanksgiving, but in the end, it's nice to be with family. That's what people are supposed to be thankful for.

But I think you should be thankful for your family and friends and your life every day.

Would you like to see more about culture and traditions in America? Leave me your messages in the comments!

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So sleepy... (ノ_-。)

My cat woke me up 3 hours before my alarm today. But I can't go back to sleep. I have to cook dinner for 15 people today. Soooo many people....


American Holidays must seem so weird to other countries. Sometimes they even seem weird to me.

Thanksgiving is basically a holiday celebrating the genocide of an indigenous culture. Not exactly something I enjoy celebrating. But like most families anywhere, it's just what we do. We were raised celebrating these things and when you have a family who doesn't exactly share your more enlightened views, they expect you to keep celebrating with them. Because Tradition.

Sometimes it is easier to go along with your family than have to explain yourself to a dozen judgmental people, especially when you're tired and you've been volunteered to cook the meal.

I do enjoy cooking and I like cooking for people even more. Just maybe not 15+ people all at once. Sometimes it's hard to be gracious under pressure. I suppose I should try. But it's difficult when you're faced with people in your own family that you don't particularly like or get along with.

I shouldn't be held responsible for the things I say when I'm tired, grumpy and have been cooking for 2 days.

Saa... I really want to go back to sleep now. (。´-д-)>c[_]
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