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2ne1[CL] Pre Debut.

♠Birth name: Chae-rin Lee
♠Born: February 26, 1991 (age 20) Seoul, South Korea
♠Genres: Hip hop, R&B, pop
♠Occupations: Rapper, singer, dancer
♠Instruments: Vocals
♠Years active: 2007--present
♠Labels: YG Entertainment
♠Associated acts: 2NE1, Big Bang

Random Facts:
♠CL said on 2NE1TV that she can draw very well, but only when she's drawing lion-bear, pig-rabbit, and duck-snake.
♠On a radio interview, CL revealed that she used to wear boy school uniform to school since they don't have pants for girls.
♠Such fierce and baddass leader actually own a pink lollipop phone
♠Her nickname when she was in Japan is Pig-rabbit (I wonder where did the Hong sisters got their inspiration for Pig-rabbit in You're Beautiful)
♠CL-roo was coined for many terms such as "Ahh go go go!!!" & "Oh my Gawdddd" that she often used in 2NE1TV.
♠She used to live in Japan but left it for France when she was 9-10years old. Not only until summer 2009 that she went back there for vacation during the filming of 2NE1TV. She revealed later on that it's been 10 years since she was there.
♠She loves music and fashion.
♠Her fave artists are Lauryn Hill and Madonna.
♠She has a little sister named Harin.
♠Her love for music came from her father.
♠She compose during her free time.
♠She's Tam Tam birth mother.
♠CL forever ideal man is Teddy Park.
♠CL signature facial expression includes sticking out her tongue, pouting like a blowfish, and making a kissing face.
♠(A little perverted fact) She has a sexy mole on her chest which wasrevealed due to her daring white outfit for Heart breaker performance at 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun.
♠ She's a clean freak.
♠Her shoes size is 230.
♠She sang Kim Yuna's part in the Demo of Shout of the Reds Part 2 (Big Bang)
♠Her favorite track in 2NE1 1st Mini Album is Let's Go Party of which she record an English solo demo.
♠She learn various dances include Jazz and Ballet. She learned Hip Hop from other dancers when she used to translate between local and foreign dancers.
♠The robots in Can't Nobody MV were designed by her father. She also give one to Teddy for his room.
♠She's most comfortable in Korean and English, though she also speaks Japanese and French. She's also fluent in "Music."
♠CL made a little Yang Yang for YG Papa daughter's Yoojin.
♠If given an opportunity, she wants to try living in Egypt, Africa, and Greece.
♠Known as the sleepy head of 2NE1, the longest she had ever sleep is 20 hours.
♠CL-roo is not really good with computer, but she does know how to use iTunes and use internet to search for Teddy pictures.
♠Her coffee of choice is Americano.
♠Whenever CL sign autographs for fans, she always signs with 'the baddest female' 'cos she said "When I'm CL, I want to be that bad."
♠Leeteuk of Super Junior once commented that CL got this "tasty English".
♠CL went to the same dance school as 4minute's Hyuna, Kara's Seungyeon, Wonder Girl's Sunye and SoHee, MissA's Min, and Secret's Zinger. She was closest to Zinger.
♠CL really likes Queen's Freddy Mercury. Her father really loved Queens so she grew up listening to their music.
♠At 40, she would like to either be like Madonna, and keep making new music justas she does now, or be like Lauryn Hill and give up music and live normally as awife and a mother.
♠She wrote her rap in G-Dragon's track, "The Leaders."
♠CL was featured in YMGA's song 'What' and she wrote her rap for "What".
CL was also featured in Um Jung Hwa's song, "DJ"
♠She was originally supposed to debut as a solo artist, but eventually became the leader of 2NE1.
♠CL never cries in front of 2NE1 members because she was told leaders don't cry.
♠They call CL 'Lion' because apparently, her hair color and facial expressionslooks like a lion.
♠CL has several nicknames: when she was in Japan it was "Pig-rabbit"; "Ddok-Chae" (smart-Chae); HunChae (warm-Chae); Lion (because of her hair andexpressions), among others.
♠Recently, it was revealed that CL's father, Professor Lee Ki Jin is not only a physicist, but also an author of children's books.

♠Big Bang -- "Intro (Hot Issue)"
♠Uhm Jung Hwa featuring CL -- "DJ"
♠YMGA featuring YG Family and DJ Wreckx -- "What"
♠G-Dragon featuring Teddy Park and CL -- "The Leaders"
♠Dara featuring CL -- "Kiss"
♠G-Dragon featuring Teddy Park and CL -- "The Leaders (Live Version)"

♠2009: Girlfriends (Korean: 걸프렌즈) (cameo)

♠2011: 2NE1 TV Season 3 (Mnet)
♠2011: Project Runway Korea (Onstyle) (guest judge)[15]
♠2010: 2NE1 TV Season 2 (Mnet)
♠2009: Style (Korean: 스타일, SBS) (cameo)
♠2009: 2NE1 TV (Mnet)

♠Samsung Corby
♠Cyon Lollipop cellphone
♠Samsung Anycall Nori
♠Etude Dr. Lash
♠CJ Group
♠Nikon D300
♠Baskin Robins
♠Yamaha Fiore

2NE1[BOM] - Pre Debut.

♥Name: Park Bom Lee
♥Stage Name: Park Bom / Bom
♥Position: 2NE1 Main Vocals
♥Date of Birth: March 24, 1984(Age 27)
♥Hobby: Listen to music
♥Favorite colors: Green, Pink, Red
♥Influences: Beyonce Knowles, Mariah Carey
♥Education: Berkeley College
♥Specialties: Singing, Piano, Flute, Cello, Japanese,
♥English, Chinese
♥First Stage Performance: Big Bang First Showcase
 (We ♥Belong Together and Stand Up For Love)

♥"We Belong Together" Big Bang
♥"Forever With You" Big Bang
♥"Anystar" ft. G-Dragon
♥"Baby Boy" Lexy
♥"Along My Way" Red Roc ft. Masta Wu
♥"Tell Me Once More" Kim Ji Eun
♥"Oh Yeah" GD&TOP
Random facts:
♥Park Bom was born in Seoul, South Korea. In 6th grade, ♥She left Korea to study abroad in the United States
♥She graduated high school and enrolled into Lesley University with a major in psychology
♥ As a high school student, she fell in love with music through Mariah Carey
♥ She wanted to pursue it as a career but she did not obtain permission from her parents. However, with encouragement from her aunt, she transferred to Berklee College of Music to pursue her music career.
♥She auditioned to become a singer at YG Entertainment every year, but was rejected. After three years, she was finally accepted and immediately became a trainee.
♥She loves Corn.

♥You and I Cyworld Digital Music Award 2009
♥You and I MAMA Digital Single Award 2010

♥2009: Girlfriends (Korean: 걸프렌즈) (cameo)

♥2011: 2NE1 TV Season 3 (Mnet)
♥2010: 2NE1 TV Season 2 (Mnet)
♥2009: Style (Korean: 스타일, SBS) (cameo)
♥2009: 2NE1 TV (Mnet)

♥ Anystar w/ Lee HyoRi
♥ Samsung Corby
♥Cyon Lollipop cellphone
♥Samsung Anycall Nori
♥Etude Dr. Lash
♥CJ Group
♥Nikon D300
♥Baskin Robins
♥Yamaha Fiore

Solo Songs:
♥You and I
♥Don't Cry

2NE1[DARA] - Pre Debut.

♣Name: Park Sandara
♣Born: November 12, 1984 (age 26)
♣Original: Busan, South Korea
♣Genres: Pop, K-pop, R&B, Hip hop
♣Occupations: Singer, Actress, Director of ♣Communications, Rapper, Dancer, Television Host,Model
♣Years: active 2004--present
♣Labels: YG Entertainment (2009-Present)
♣Associated acts: 2NE1, Big Bang, Gummy

♣"KBS "My Name Is Sandara Park" documentary
♣"GD ft. Dara - Hello"
♣"Gummy Sorry MV ft T.O.P & Dara"
♣"Drama "Return of Iljimae" cameo
♣" Taeyang - I Need A Girl MV"

Random Facts:
♣Her family moved to Philippines in 1995
♣She auditioned in Star Circle Quest 2004.
♣She returned to South Korea August 1, 2007. The next day,
♣August 2, 2007, YG Entertainment reported that they had signed a contract with Sandara Park.
♣She was a actress trainee in YG before becoming a singer trainee.
♣She was supposed to debut as a Trio along with Park Bom and Go Hye Sun.
♣Her height 162cm ( 5"4)
♣Blood Type: A
♣Favorite color: Pink
♣She has fear of puppies and kittens.
♣She has fear riding a horse,
♣She loves wearing caps.
♣She often wear boyish outfits rather than girly ones.
♣Her little brother Park Sang Hyun is a member of MBLAQ a male group from J Tune Ent.
♣Her ideal guy should be older than her little brother & should be cute in appearance but tough in personality.
♣Her favorite toy when she was young is a microphone and a recorder.
♣She has a little sister named Doorami Park.
♣She knows how to drive.
♣She loves talking selca, listening to music, and surfing the net.
♣She's the bread winner of the family at the age of 19 - present.
♣Her idol is Um Jung Hwa.
♣Her idol in singing is Regine Velasquez.
♣She drinks coconut juice every morning.
♣She uses JJ baby lotion to maintain her youthful skin.
♣She doesn't wear a lot of make up.

♣2009: Girlfriends (Korean: 걸프렌즈) (cameo)
♣2007: Super Noypi
♣2006: D' Lucky Ones
♣2005: Can This Be Love
♣2004: Bcuz of U
♣2004: Volta (cameo)

♣2011: 2NE1 TV Season 3 (Mnet)
♣2010: 2NE1 TV Season 2 (Mnet)
♣2009: 2NE1 TV (Mnet)
♣2009: Style (Korean: 스타일, SBS) (cameo)
♣2009: The Return of Iljimae (Korean: 돌아온 일지매, MBC)
♣2007: Dalawag Tisoy (RPN)
♣2007: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (GMA)
♣2006: Nuts Entertainment (GMA)
♣2006: O-Ha! (TV5)
♣2006: Gudtaym (ABS-CBN)
♣2006: Crazy for You (ABS-CBN)
♣2006: Abt Ur Luv (ABS-CBN)
♣2006: Star Circle Presents (ABS-CBN)
♣2006: Your Song (ABS-CBN)
♣2006: Komiks: Machete (ABS-CBN)
♣2005: Ang Pambansang Krung-Krung ng Pilipinas (ABS)
♣2005: Farewell Lovers: A Lover in Paris Special (ABS)
♣2005: Maalaala Mo Kaya (ABS-CBN) (cameo)
♣2004: My Name is Sandara Park (ABS-CBN)
♣2004: Krystala (ABS-CBN)
♣2004: SCQ Reload: OK Ako! (ABS-CBN)
♣2004: ASAP Fanatic (ABS-CBN)
♣2004: Sandara's Romance (ABS-CBN)
♣2004: Star Circle Quest (ABS-CBN)

♣Teki Asian Classics instant Noodles
♣Maxi Peel Facial Cleanser
♣Fresh Candy
♣Rejoice Shampoo
♣Cass beer
♣Etude Dr.Lashes
♣Etude Miss Tangerine [Spring Collection]
♣Etude Mineral BB Cream
♣Etude Aloha Girl [ Summer Collection]
♣Samsung Anycall Nori
♣Baskin Robins
♣Yamaha Fiore
♣Samsung Corby
♣Cyon Lollipop Cellphone
♣Nikon D300
♣CJ Group

♣2005 Bcuz of U 21st PMPC Star Awards for Movies for "Best New Actress"

Solo Songs:
♣Dear Heart
♣n Or Out
♣Mapasagot Mo Kaya Ako
♣Sabi Ko Na Nga Ba
♣Smile In Your Heart
♣Walang Sabit (Rejoice Theme)
♣Ang Ganda Ko ( D' Lucky Ones theme)

2NE1[MINZY] - Pre Debut

♦Name: Gong Minji (공민지)
♦Stage name: Minzy
♦Birth Date: January 18, 1994(age 17)
♦Position: Rapper, vocal, dancer
♦Group Position: Maknae (Youngest)
♦Height: 161cm (still growing~!)
♦Weight: 44kg
♦Blood type: O
♦Religion: Christian
♦Label: YG Entertainment
♦Hobbies: Music, writing lyrics, studying lyrics, dancing,
 cooking, taking photographs, picking clams
♦Specialties: Chinese, Japanese
♦Favorite color: Purple
♦*Solo single with 2NE1's Leader, CL: "Please Don't Go"
♦Minji's grandmother is Gong Okjin, a famous South Korean dancer

Random Facts :
♦She joined YG Entertainment when she was in 6th grade
♦Minji has won several dance awards prior to her debut
♦She went to the same dance school [Millyohrae Joy Dance Academy & Plug in Music Academy] as Seungri (Big Bang), Hara (KARA), and Yunho (DBSK)
♦She was supposed to debut in Japan as a duo with May Doni (former label mate)
♦A huge fan of Usher
♦Loves wearing dresses and skirts
♦She's a member of 문미엔 (Moonmien), which stands for "Christian meeting for culture media entertainment workers". It has small scale worships and prayer meetings. Siwon (Super Junior), Tiffany, Yoona, Hyoyeon & Hyoyeon (SNSD), Jungjoon, Kim Junghwa, Yang Donggeun, Kim Soohyun and Ryu Won are also members of 문미엔.
♦She loves puppies!!! But scared of big dogs.
♦She has a Gundam collection.
♦Minzy loves taking photographs and wants to be a professional photographer someday.
♦Michael Jackson is her idol.
♦Minji hates scary movies the most.
♦Minji speaks formally to Bom and Dara.
♦Minji likes to eat bread and salad.
♦To this day Minji has not met the person who posted up her video onto YG's homepage.
♦Minji is known as "the child that G-Dragon adores even more than Seungri" (aka GD's pet)
♦During her schooling days, Minji's favourite subjects were Korean language and Physical Education.
♦Minji likes clothes from Viva.H.
♦A huge fan of Black Eyed Peas.
♦Taboo of B.E.P. is her type.
♦She owns a Nikon D3000 camera.
♦Minji's favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road.
♦When she was in Grade 5 & 6, she was the school announcer & class president.
♦In grade 1, for dictation, Minji got all 100%. In grade 2, she won a prose & poetry prize. In grade 3, a prize in the essay writing contest. In grade 4, a prize in a writing contest.
♦Knows how to knit.
♦When she was in elementary school she won 1st place in Arts competition.
♦When Minji is concentrating on someone during a conversation, she tends to lift and push her face towards the speaker. But now, she has fixed that habit a lot. According to Bom, it was a lot worse when she was younger.
♦Minji enjoys wearing training pants.
♦Minji wants to be a good maknae, and be the legendary, original magnae of YG.
♦Minji wants to be a singer-songwriter, someone who is good at everything.
♦"Minji (beginning solo) learned her solo the night before the show and still did amazing." -Shaun Evaristo on 2NE1's Debut Stage
♦The first CD that Minji ever bought -- "Milkshake' by Kelis.
♦The first thing that Minji wants to do when she becomes legal is to get her driver's license.
♦Minji owns a Macbook Pro.

♦2009: Girlfriends (Korean: 걸프렌즈) (cameo)

♦2011: 2NE1 TV Season 3 (Mnet)
♦2010: 2NE1 TV Season 2 (Mnet)
♦2009: Style (Korean: 스타일, SBS) (cameo)
♦2009: 2NE1 TV (Mnet)

Solo Song:
♦2009 "Please Don't Go" (with CL)

♦ Samsung Corby
♦Cyon Lollipop cellphone
♦Samsung Anycall Nori
♦Etude Dr. Lash
♦CJ Group
♦Nikon D300
♦Baskin Robins
♦Yamaha Fiore
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[M/V] BIGBANG 2NE1 - Lollipop MV [HQ]

[Credit : YG entertainment @ YouTube]