if asked "why you're interested in media field", what would you respond to it?

i was kinda shocked to hear the answer given by my friends.

things what i think are general i imagined, but it is not.

things what i wanna assert through media is ones everyone naturally thought, but it also failed.

i've been interested in the works in media field cuz i thought i could do my responsibility with them.

my responsibility is to make the world get better.

specifically, make ppl in the third world who struggle to even live one day have hope, pleasure, freedom and education that are things we unconsiously and naturally have right now.

they lead such kind of aweful lives due to the developed wolrd ppl, i mean, us.

i cant imagine if i gotta work for my life, for living tomorrow.

it is natural for me to work to earn money that might be used for my enjoyment, not for fatal things of couurse.

i strongly feel responsibility to work not only for me but them in the other worlds.

it is my purpose to get good job, earn great salary and have a room to give 'em better quality lives.

but others think different.

even they said students who r interested in media field have some ideas that assertion, giving attention to the public, conveying information, influences and so forth, i wanted to ask 'em "so what?"

if u wanna have influence to the public, it just looks that u wanna be paid attention by others or just curiousity.

it is just "fashion" for them just like carrying CHANEL bags.

actually it might sound cool "i work in media field" n definitely they can control information and it can be influence to the public.

but why they wanna do that?

if it's not the because you feel guilty that leads "responsibility" to the world, your assertion would corrupt.

who makes you live like that? u feel nothing to see the ppl who live today with less than 1 dollar?

i do. so i wanna help 'em. it is my responsibility as a person born in Japan, well developed country.

this is quote from Soclates.

"I am a citizen not of the Athens, Greece but of the world."

it was coincidence that i wan born in japan.

i am definitely japanese but also i am a citizen of the world.

i need to help my dude at all my cost.


what I think by facing with reality


meeting up with my Japanese friends in NYC reminded me of how I used to be and how much I've changed in this 6 months.

To be honest, I've changed a lot.

Now I'm not as modest as before and probably I'm giving off more of American flavor which all is not welcomed by Japanese social contexts.

But unfortunately or not, I believe I am correct.

I already do not care how I'm gonna be judged by ppl in Japan whose norm was caused by Amerian individualism way which is orbviously opposite to Japanese.

But it does make sense.

At least for me, all things here make sense thought it relatively looks cold for ppl in Japan.

I believe Japanese should go for American way in some respects, defenitely.

I hate collectivism, which push real things back to somewhere, probably it disappear unconsiously.

Anybody hesitate to show their own real feelings to others.

Anybody communicates with each other with shallow conversation, which look "fake" for me.

If someone in my group fall behind the project we're proceeding, I gotta wait, support or teach how he/she is gonna be well even though I dont have to do that.

who cares others do bad. I dont know. let me do finish my own works.

what's more, it sounded weird that everybody looked believe in one specific idea given by thier prof.

They discuss as if the idea was the best and how much they respect that.

it looked like they were brainwashed.

But i was like them 6months before.

it is even disgusting to remember how I used to be. now I figure out i was wrong in believing her.

I pretended to be obeyable to be the best student and actually I was.

I definitely push back my own assertion back. I was really good student in one sense, at least in front of her.

Have I seen so many things surrouding this world so far?

that is the reason I felt a gap b/w them and me.

I absolutely looked down them. I thought and think American cultural ways are the best right now which always make sense for me.

probably it is still too early to believe in myself since i am lack of knowledges about what i have to ponder.

but at least i would say that i saw two different cultural norms so far. my own countrys n american.

as a result that i've experienced to compare them back and forth a lot, i believe there're more things in Japan goes for America.

if i am said that i know more things than others that causes troubles to communicate with them, I am willing to discard them cuz it is not fruitful to make me grow.

i am too much cold, which sometimes looks selfish.

but I do not wanna waste things special that I have and have cultivated for a long time.

if there are something that make me fall behind, I dont wanna taste them.

that might be the reason why i havent felt "JYO," which might be Japanese connotation.

if it is meaningless, I trush it and I might not hesitate to do that.

everything is for me.

I am kinda worried about the time I go back to Japan.

but it is correct way to spend time in the States.

Probably I am still not so smart to mix various cultural norms well and adopt to myself.

now I can not do that cuz i am on the process to get american cultural connotations.