Always I am not liked by whom I like.

I always can not find someone whose feeling fit me.

But it is primary condition when I am fallin' love.

A month ago I found him who is the very person I like.

As usual I can not do anything, any appriach, just staring at everytime.

Also today I noticed that he does not interest me and

see another girl who is in same class,

It hurt me of course but at once I could not do anything

and I just received the situation.

Again I push my feeling into back and

pretend nothing happened.

It is the best way to protect me.

But it is always sadness.


nostalgia OKINAWA.....


Does anyone see the Commercial Message "KIRIN Beer"??

There shows that a brand-new life of one retiring man

who says.....

I graduate from Tokyo

and he starts to live in rural area where is cloth to ocean.

How cool choosing he selected!!!!

Also I remember trips to Okinawa last year.

Luminous ocean, local specialities ( that makes me feel healthy and reset body!)

warm temperature, unique hospitalities.....and relaxing sound of ocean.....

There are countless goodnesses in Okinawa.

I am really proud of the area like Okinawa here in Japan.

It is so distinctive place in the world maybe.

I've tripped so many countries so far and I also visited places

so called "rural area" of the country

but Okinawa is not same as one in other countries.

What factor does enchant me so much?

I do not know but the all of the atmosphere fascinate me everytime

as I feel same feeling to South America that is one of my favorite places.

At once I have to ponder what happened now in there

and how to protect such a beautiful and unique places from other country( U.S. maybe?)


New Project


I've neglected this weblog for a long long time.....

You know the reason, I started MIXI and I can keep a diary there.

But I restart this weblog in English!

I need to brush up my English for my abroad!!!!

Above all I have to get 233 score at next TOEFL test

that is the condition to receive regular classes at Maryland University.シラー

So I impose me to keep diary in English here

even though nobody read this....

What if I make mistakes here....but who cares!?

It's training, I do not mind it.ねこへび

Anyway today I went for shopping with mom to buy present for her.

This sunday is mothere's day.ラブラブ

For the day, I worked hard even though I really wanted to rest for GW!

Consequently I earned enough money to buy ANYTHING that she might want.

She choose one trousers and I paid.

I felt great.

I really felt great that I could send present for her and she looked happy

but above all, I noticed one feeling that came to my mind.


That it.

In fact I did not care the price of the trousers that mom chose

and gave it to the cash desk.

I swore to mom like " My dream in the future is to go shopping without caring the prices"

Mom agreed with that....She is worthy to be my relative...

Because she lead her golden age in the bubble economy

so she earned incredible count of money.

Of course she did not care the price of something she wanted everytime she went shopping.

It is so envious thing isn't is?しょぼん

Anyway I'm dying to follow life like her

so I vow here to get higher job after gradiation

and I lead my life like celebrity people.

The first step for that, I have to receve regular classes at Unites States

and for that, I need to get higher score at TOEFL!

It's actually coherence, right?