I can not do

I can not do


Sit on the jade bridge over fishing complex in the sparkling blue water reflect the pursuit of elegant chic, poor rode a boat is writing the feelingsfashion women clothing wholesale .

The former is the fish partners but why again in this life be light of heart from care cut one another's throats, watching fish enjoy playing in the water, always blame myself to hurt not my enemy creatures to vent the long dormant pressure, how happy I fishing relentlessly additional cost of life? Follow the example of Jiang Taigong who may take the bait, I not expect which fall into a snare of my income in the capsule, or simple for me to solve the meal for mercy for me please, or inadequate comfort self all of life sustenance for fishing, then I'm sorry I'm afraid only innocent fishManaged Cloud .

Fishing is flying mood, is more appropriate to describe as the thinking of life. Relying on in the picturesque scenery; indifferent wandering self realm, look back on recent waste one's time less than what is required for the future of life on the road, how to grasp? Think of the last time I have confused, seems to have more than philosophers category, I also often complain about the mind cannot be in two, I was out fishing to relax the mood, why struggle with the ride entrepreneurship education ?

Fishing was friends with lonely. Friends go fishing, regardless of age identity of the difference; don't ask where to go, just because a common fishing interests brought different topic. Center exchanges instead of mouth has played a significant role, and perhaps no communication, each other do not need to care about the secular vision is in the center of self, who is not willing to destroy the quiet atmosphere. Away from the hustle and bustle of the bureaucratic infighting evil people, fishing friends, friendship is precious, The meaning is implied., say in the heart.

With childhood heartless disappear from the scene, the heavy work pressure is already busy blocking the only fishing fantasy, unknown childhood fishing fun with spiritual mentor dies not mentioned. But I know these are not the only lost, I always want to restore something so simple thought. But I was serious erosion environmental pollution into the endless sad, originally wants to secretly memories of past fishing feelings of joy, but actually render thinking has long mood, even the originally pure heart is a corrupt society.

I like a madman hovering in the fishing Park, this is where the wind willow, the bridges of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, replace sb. is noise pollution of the streams of people busily coming and going, how can this quietly listen to my inner voice, I suddenly amnesia like hurriedly left not welcome in my place, dedicated to continuously seek only belongs to me heaven, looking for..........

In the dream I rowed a boat, listening to the sweet music fish out, turned a slight yellow pages, smile is so sweet, I know I was drunk.
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