I can not do

I can not do

Yet only vaguely vaguely dreams, then, cherry beginning, you are still beautiful face. I have never seen a girl wearing pink clothes than she is good-looking, whether new heartbeat or the pink, flushed her cheeksblack bedroom furniture, also reflected the red man. Oh. Go, just one eye looking back......Sweet, sweet romantic encounter. The wind volume with petals, volume of love, the life rolls on a long, lingering, half. Also like sweet you and I, along with youth Perishable, sweet shortiPad cover......I don't know in this life I will meet who, like you, only one eye, then palpitating with excitement eager to do sth., hard to forget. I do not know in this life I will meet who, like you, only one eye, go for it, never change.If I never met you, see pretrial blossom, whether as before or notwomen clothing hk?If you have not met you, and then look back at the season, is no longer like this lonely addiction?If I never met you, one walk, and other busy fall still no complaints from the war?If you have not met you, a person laugh and cry, and other scenic had still not provoke emotions?If you have not met you, in the rainy season there, the tears blurred also not with hazy?If you have not met you, not your day, a paper that will not hold lovesickness a life long?If you have not met you, every night you would like to, I can't write down everything on your full paper!If you have not met you, a sleepless night, I will not again and again remind of you!If you have not met you, not the next world peace, do not keep the memories that!If you have not met you, not in a persistent, do not remember the old days with dream!If you have not met you, only in March March, everything is just the time silhouette!If you have not met you once, only once, all all just past the fleeting time!
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