April 20, 2011

$2 Challenge


I will spend only $2 a day for my food this week.

$2 Challenge for microfinance

The money saved on food for this event will be a microloan to a capable entrepreneur with little access to credit in developing countries through KIVA.

Check out my trace of survival!!

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January 17, 2011

Campus Representative for Grameen U


Danny said "Now I'm gonna just pass their contact information to you." last week.

Recently, Grameen U has been looking for a Campus Representative from University of Washington and had a contact with him電話. Grameen U is one of the projects run by Grameen America, aming to enhance college students' activities to promote their philosophyひらめき電球.

Their homepage says the representative of each universities coordinates, encourages, and joins by him/herself to form students' groups of 5 people. Each group does whatever they want in order to spread the word of Grameen America. There will be some financial and opportunity supports by their headquarter, I guess.

By the way, actually it is the most important thing that Grameen America is a microfinance organization working for the American poor as you could tell from the name. It uses the idea of Grameen Bank (a big microfinance company in Bangladesh, founded by Muhammad Yunus, the "inventor" of microfinance and the Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 2006). What is attractive about this organization is that they have Muhammad Yunus himself at their Boardビックリマーク

So now, I will have the contact information of them. How's that!?

I'm always wanting to take initiative in a team. And this opportunity allows me to represent the University of Washington to the big name, Grameen America.

But the thing is that I'm Japanese.

How can I take a leadership and motivate myself to aid American population more than American students do?? I'm living here in the US just temporarily叫び.

But this is obviously a good chanceにひひ.

"Look, if ou had one shot, or one opportunity

To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment

Would you capture it or just let it slip? Yo,," ("Loseyourself" by Eminem)

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December 18, 2010

Oprah likes KIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a short, but very exciting quote from a KIVA Newsletter on Dec. 16, 2010!!!!!


Oprah, Christmas, and The Perfect Gift

As the holidays approach, and seemingly everyone is enmeshed in frantic shopping, last minute deal hunting, and stressful travel plans, we wanted to take a step back to thank the Kiva community for a fantastic year.

We're deep in holiday mode here as well (remember to buy those Kiva Cards! ), but we wanted to share a little bit of good news:

Oprah named Kiva as one of her Ultimate Favorite Things 2010! If you missed the episode in November, it airs again this Friday, December 17th. During her show, she handed out $100 Kiva cards to everyone in her audience, and helped share the story of how countless lenders like you are helping to change the world.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Kiva, and please remember us when it comes time to give that perfect present to a friend.


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December 18, 2010

Be the Change

テーマ:Social Entrepreneur
Everyone interested in Social Entrepreneurship knows it's about helping the poor and somewhat related to donations and organizations using them to reduce poverty.

Watched about "Be the Change", an ABCNews's initiative on the channel 4; KOMO.

There were approximately 6 ~ 8 CREATIVE ways of attacking global issues such as clean water resource, HIV expansion, and children deaths, reported from the exact places where those initiatives were working.

The audience and YOU can donate a few dollars to the projects from the homepage.
A video is here too!!

- Give Your Birthday!! -
You donate as much dollar as your ageにひひ
A party boy, having spent $500 to a bottle of champagne, started this project to get out of his non-rewarding life, and to dig a well for safe water supply.

- A donky prevents HIV expansion. -
A donky can do what a motorcycle cannot. It carries results of a HIV infectant test to people out of concrete road reach. As soon as pregnant ladies know their infectance, they can have a medical treatment to prevent their children from HIV viruses.

- Easy-made incubators! -
Students from Stanford University took their initiatives to provide simple incubators to the poor. They put a plastic bag filled with wax in a baby's sleeping bag. And That's it!! The wax can be warmed up only by pouring hot water on it. Then it lasts 4 hours!! A big step to ensure babies' lives.

Check out the website for more magnificent projects goin' on!!!!!!!!!

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December 16, 2010





↑sound of gnashing my teeth

I have failed to keep a blog before, and now it's hard to bring it back.

So, I'm gnashing my teeth.

Well, still there are some changes this time.

- I blog in English

* to improve my language skill

* not to get bored

- There are some focuses in blogging;

* Social Entrepreneurship

* Microfinance

* World news

- I am interested in a blog itself as a social network system

Alright!! Enough!

Look forward to the next update!!!!

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