The most exciting experience with the OPEL Astra twin Top takes place at the roadside. The show, which pulls not only drivers and front seat passengers, but also Passanten into its spell, takes approximately 30 seconds: Five electric motors, eight hydraulic cylinders and approximately a dozen of sensors steer a play, a schickes Cabrio MBT 靴 メンズ MBT ワークシューズ ウノノ MBT Unono Shoes ブラック makes which over 14 joints and hinges from a closed sedan. Also during slow travel the change can be carried out.The Rüsselsheimer belonged like the Eos of VOLKSWAGEN and focus the Cabrio mbt ウォーキングシューズ from Cologne to the latecomers on the market of the variable open ones in the compact class, the Frenchmen of Peugeot and Renault were here faster around some. But the miumiu 新作2012ミュウミュウRN0757 UXP F0D32 2012新作レザートートバッグ PALE GREY miumiu バッグ ミュウミュウ 激安 twin Top scores, because it is younger than the past place deer. Thus the A-column is not enough completely so far to the rear, so that actually blue sky - beautiful weather presupposed - トリーバーチ コスメポーチ トリーバーチ Robinson Continental ファスナー長財布ゴールド over the heads of driver and front seat passenger フェラガモ バッグフェラガモウェッジシューズダークパープル emerges.Also the trunk of the OPEL can be able to be seen: Nevertheless 205 litres reservoir remain for bags and bags, if the roof in three layers ducked itself oakley pit bull into the trunk. A clevere load assistance named "Easy load" raises the roof structure in her hiding place by push of a button something, in order to stow flat luggage away. With closed roof 440 litres reservoir are available.Much place for a tripThe place in the Cabrio inside is enough for the week final trip too fourth. A condition is however that the passengers in the back bank did not grow too largely and with somewhat restricting conditions for the legs contently give themselves. However it travels itself in front owing to well more formed and often adjustable seats unencumbered. The instrumenting well-known from the normal Astra is well readable, the steering wheel lies with each speed in the hand and fast curves can calm leichtfüssig be taken. The IDS Sicherheitsfahrwerk with stability program ESP and traction and curve brake control works excellently. If necessary transverse grooves and duct covers point out that also a Cabrio reinforced within the soil range does not reach the firmness of a sedan. The brakes pack well to and are master of the situation so at any time.Economical 6.2 l on 100kmThe well-known Common Rail Diesel with 1,9 litres capacity and maintenance-free particle filter, which represent the most economic variant for the open OPEL regarding the fuel consumption, comes with that fully loaded approximately 1.6 tons heavy vehicle well by right. Trees particularly not peeled off in keeps in track, is the car nevertheless nevertheless again 30 kilograms heavier than the directly motorized Astra caravan. In addition work ELT it not straight quietly, but however economically. 6.2 litres diesel oil for 100 kilometers driving fun do not give a cause for the complaint.In the driven version fast 33,000 euro meet to the basic price of 28,150 euro owing to Bi-xenon-Kurvenlicht, navigation system, park pilot, air conditioning system and other Annehmlichkeiten. The tax トリーバーチ 長財布 office wants to see 309 euro per year for 4 self fuzes classified after euro. The cost of insurance amounts to for instance with the AXA (permission in a large city in the SF 1) in the liability 473 euro.A question remains openA question can be answered however at the current time not yet: Will the filigran perform working roof after seven years and 10,000 up and exercises - and thus far outside of the warranty - still complainless its service? On it on a long-term basis the question of the sales impact does not only depend with OPELs. And with the owner the durable joy over a cool driving pleasure with spectacular start.Teststeno OPEL Astra トリーバーチ バッグ激安 twin TopViersitziges Cabrio with three-fold steel folding roof, length/width/height: 4.48 Meter/1,76 Meter/1,41 meter, unloaded weight 1,613 kilogram, additional load 388 kilograms, trunk 205 to 440 litres, drive: Common Rail Vierzylinder diesel engine with 1,910 ccm capacity, 110 kW/150 HP, max. torque 320 Nm with 2,000 rpm, maximum speed 213 ミュウミュウ 財布 km/h, consumption of 6.2 litres of Diesel/100 km, euro 4, taxes 309 euro, insurance premiums with the AXA: HP 473 euro (type class 16, SF 1, permission Duesseldorf, 100 millions euro overall with charter), Teilkasko 125 euro (type class 24, SELF-SERVICE 150 euro), insurance against all risks 634 euro (type class 22 SF 1, SELF-SERVICE 300/150 euro), base price 28,150 euro.Automotive website
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