Dear Amnesty International






Dear Amnesty International:

I’m an ordinary Japanese person. Today, we Japanese people face a democratic crisis.

A great number of Japanese people and I petition you to request that the United Nations execute the following points.

  1. To send representatives from The United Nations to monitor all elections in Japan.
    • When a general election was held in 2014, The U.N. tried to send a team to Japan. However, Japan’s government denied their entry.
  2. To exercise “Enemy Clauses” and take military and economic sanctions to Japan’s government if Japan’s government denies the entry of The U.N. again.

Japan’s political power has been held by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe since 2012. After that, a lot of laws were put into operation, but all of them violate Japan’s democratic rules and Japan’s constitution.

In 2013, “特定秘密の保護に関する法律” (translated: A Specific Secret Protection Law) were carried out. The law limits Japanese peoples’ rights to free access to information.1

In 2015, “平和安全法制” (translated: laws of “The National Security”) was carried out. However, the laws aren’t for security, but war. In fact, Japan’s “Self Defense Force” could go to The South Sudan for PKO because of such laws.2

Now, Japan’s government is trying to carry out the law of “共謀罪” (translated: A Conspiracy Crime) that would make it easy for ordinary people to be arrested. It is said that the government wants to monitor people’s activities anytime. It’s not the way of democratic country.3

According to the news in Japan, support for the Abe cabinet is over 60%, but many Japanese people know that number is completely fabricated. On some social networking sites, less than 10% of people support the cabinet.4  5

However, Abe and the members of his cabinet never hear the peoples’ voices.

We think the only way to save Japan is for The U.N. send representatives to Japan.

We’re afraid that “World War Ⅲ” could be started by Japan’s current government. If the general election was held fairly, the Abe cabinet would not be in power! However, to hold elections fairly, the support of The U.N. is required.

Please keep democracy and human rights in the world! Please help us!



A petition to the United Nations

I'm a Japanese female author.This year we Japanese noticed the darkness of the Abe administration. Although the international politics are unstable now, The Abe administration seals the members of the Diet in the National Assembly and is willing to take strong forcible voting, and it is still in a state where it is extremely difficult to operate a normal Diet session.

In addition, the Abe administration admits that the use of the Imperial Rescript as a teaching material of the compulsory curriculum course, Japan is heading for returning to militarism before World War II.The Abe administration is also trying to vote on conspiracy charges to seal the citizens' speech resisting the prewar return. It is just before World War II. Where is the reason to do so?

Moreover, Deaths of SDF dispatched to southern Sudan and Iraq are all treated as suicide and compensation for bereaved families is not satisfactory. It can not be said that overseas dispatch is humanitarian.

The Abe administration say, "Do not do Moritomo coverage because Prime Minister Abe is dissatisfied", it is a dictatorship country that lost both human rights and democracy by deciding Cabinet decision anything and forcibly deciding. We were voting without knowing so. We Japanese are full of disappointed feelings.


The government is trying to amend the Peace Constitution arbitrarily.
The extremely right-wing Nippon-Kaigi attempted to amend the constitution carefully over many years, seemed to have planned to make Japanese militarize, and it is the impression that the fangs were peeled off now as it was completed.

Even as far as we know, there are "conspiracy crime", "referendum law", "public holiday national flag banning obligation bill", "self-defense force training", "kindergarten Hinomaru Kimigayo", "scholarship delinquent work duty obligation", " , "Abolishment of the National University Arts", "Education of moral education", "Obligation to wear teachers", "Regulations prohibiting gatherings", "Broadcasters regulations", "Internet moral law", "Citizen's demo Prohibition "," legalization of the network surveillance system by the police, "" expanding the authority of the officers of the police officers ", and the" National textbook law ", and these are still a repression proposal ignoring human rights. Welfare, on the other hand, makes bills that are going backwards, and pensions are also invested in American weapons manufacturing companies. It seems that torture is possible when it becomes constitutional amendment.


We have investigated that, in the year following East Japan great earthquake disaster, a power company with a sense of crisis in public opinion, which seeks abolition of nuclear power plants, had introduced a counting machine called "Musashi" to launch the nuclear power plant in 2012 to restart nuclear power. At the result of that, the election was held and the Abe administration was born, and Nippon-Kaigi seems to have made a government that monopolizes 70%. Just in violation of the election, Japan was jacked. We also know that the Government refuses to check again the surveillance participation of the United Nations Election Monitoring Team who noticed it. Everything wrongfully hides, Governments established in fraudulent elections do not have legitimacy.


To make matters worse,"Ju-Kendo" for the purpose of slaughter, which was taught to not only soldiers but also general citizens and children as a martial arts of slaughter aiming at the vital points of the neck and the heart during the Second World War in Japan,  will be introduced into junior high school curriculuma by the government.  These are like boys' soldiers education in IS. We are also threatened because the government would take away the freedom of remarks with NET surveillance. It is an internal coup d'etat by a regime organized with illegal activity loading, which is terror politics. Defense minister Tomomi Inada says that "war is the best religious event for human soul evolution".

Furthermore, Chief Cabinet Secretary , Yoshihide Suga ,states the view that Hitler 's "Mein Kamf" can be used as a teaching material of history. There are rumors that there are many Hitler followers in the cabinet. Now, Japan is full of disturbing air that can also contemplate genocide.

That German reflected on the past, taking a moral leadership for peace in Europe and deviating from the enemy country certification. On the other hand, Japan is the only country with the enemy country clause written in the UN Charter because Japan has protected the prewar Emperor System.

But, now, we think that very this enemy coruntry certification is the only way the United Nations adopts enemy country clauses and intervenes in Japanese politics. We would like to be linked with the UN Human Rights Council and the Security Council and send an election monitoring group with physical enforcement (UN forces). Or, since the citizens' rights are being infringed by the unfair elections , we ask the UN Human Rights Council to send a large amount of election observers to Japan. We want the United Nations Security Council to inspect it for Japanese Government. It is our hope to follow a peace constitution. Japan must become soon like Turkey managed by Erdoğan.
Please, please help us!


Kyoko Kanazawa 1960-  16.April 

I experienced the scandal of the Prime Minister in 1990.