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Three years ago yesterday, April 26, my new life started in Toronto, Canada. Three years ago yesterday, I, who was confused with everything in new country, would have never imagined that I would complete the first year of college three years later in the same place.


We never know what life holds for us. But I've learned two things since I came to Canada. First one is that everything was meaningful to cre
ate my current self no matter how trivial it seems. Which brought me to find the late Mr. Steve Jobs's speech "connecting the dots" was to be true.


And second one is that no matter where you go outside of Japan, if there's an aspiration to fully live your life, there's a way ahead of you. This is very significant thing that I unfortunately didn't clearly see while I was living an idle life in Japan.


In the flow of time from the present to the future, I am excited to imagine how the dots will be connected. At the same time, I am feared to think how I am able to connect the dots. But I'd like to just leave "connecting the dots" work up to my future self, and just concentrate on filling the moment with tons of new delightful inspiration to vigorously live my present life.

P.S. ここまで支えてきてくれた家族、友達、恋人に心から感謝します。ありがとう。

P.S. With this note, I'd also like to show my appreciation to my family, my friends and my boyfriend for great support. Thank you as always.

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