The best door bell are simultaneously opened his eyes, and at the same time quickly closed. A touch of dark red spread her to face in embarrassment, he wants to quietly release the hand, but arm around her backhand. They no one opening, no one would say that the last part of what only each other's heartbeat speed up this strange. Footsteps sounded close, they like frightened general quickly separated. Attend to embarrassment, door bell quickly fall from the bed and put on the coat. entry systems, Miyoshi point yet? Knock on the door, to the Oscar. The door bell to the entry Systems looked at this time Entry Systems has got up from the bed, his face Nama to flush what they can not hide, two of them as an entry systems pointed to himself, then pointed to the door, pointed Door Bell. Last pointed Bed. The silent understanding let Door Bell lay back in bed, re-entry Systems took a deep breath, calm down their own heartbeat, this open the door.

The looked Qiaolian on flush early scattered entry systems, Oscar some doubts Road. Small three how about it? entry systems Road. He does not wake up, but the atmosphere has absorbed a lot of it should not matter. Oscar lookin profound and looked at her, hehe smiles. That's good, so much the better. Let him rest for a while. I have breakfast. Like to join us. Said the Master. Xiao San wake up, go directly to him. entry systems quickly nodded his head, and this time, she is anxious Oscar hurry to leave. So that their mood is stable. Such as entry systems video door phone closed the door, door bell was re-sit up from the bed, two of them as an entry systems some panic bowed his head, door bell approached her, rubbed her head, I was over, I went to find a teacher. Out of the room until the door bell. The Entry Systems mood gradually calm down. Hands holding his face, she found. Have not been able to see things have become increasingly clear in my mind, Meimou showing a bit special to light and a bit firm, but also with that smile. Finally saw a bed asleep last night, this quickly went out. Teacher, I'm coming. when the door bell to the master room, the door was open. On a table of the master, but also stocked with a hearty breakfast. The master smiled and said.

Eat something. Eating a repeat. Door bell also rude, no eating last night, his appetite has been no small immediately sat bites. Masters during this time and not ask questions, just quietly thinking about something. Breakfast on the table wiped out until the door bell, the master lookin meaning looked his way. Yesterday was not someone attack you? After a detailed tell me. The master door Bell will not have any concealment, he immediately nodded. Video door entry systems when. Master his face suddenly changed, pupil contraction, you say are Canmeng years? Door bell nodded his head, yes. He spoke, he went to the door at the closed door, some things can not allow outsiders to see the land. Masters do not look, frowning, he was so kind, even you will be put back? When this person has always been Yinhen the known, plus the his special Wuhun, whether or Gongdi escape are quite tough. Control system as shaped the soul of the division, it is difficult to video door intercom .

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