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想像フォレスト/Imagination Forest

Music & Original Lyrics: じんさん
English lyrics: Mes

Summer breeze comes over and knocks
I open the window leave it unlocked
then hear the sounds of the birdies wandering like they are lost

I put aside the half-read book
"Where are you from?" asking with a smile on my face
It's not too soon right now the time it is 3 in the afternoon

Surprise! The world's so simple and nice
I realize I'm the one thats not fine
No one can find all the complicated answers inside of my mind

Away from troops and into the woods
My little room sitting quietly under the moon
Nobody comes visit me in my room
My lonliness they bloom

"Don't look them in their eyes!"
My heart gets colder as ice
Night after night I'm all by myself sleeping tight
Day after day I'm tiring to play with inorganic things

All of my fairytales already started to melt
The world outside is what I long for
Take a ride just for a bit
Will you please forgive me?

Feel me flowing out from within
Even in this irrationality I was born into
This is my life, somewhere of me deep inside

Tell me where the future will lead?
Imagination is expanding faster than ever
Tomorrow or today, the new world may come and knock on my fate

Each and every single day
I stay the same
Time is ticking away
But suddenly I hear the sound of someone out there asking the way

I haven't get to finish my herbal tea
"who could that be?" I get lost in fears
"what should I do?"
do I look like a fool hesitated on the move

"Don't step outside alone.
People will turn into stone whenever you look into their eyes
so please dont"
"Is it really? Daddy Mommy will you not lie to me?"

In all the stories
according to my memories
people like me will never find happiness
whether it's real depends on how you feel

Knock knock knock, knocking on my door!
It's the very first time in my world
This is crazy! you see I'm breathless
can't describe well I'm nervous

Tell me what my future will be?
Imagination is expanding faster than ever
Open up the door, maybe it's easier than I thought

Nowhere for me to hide
I decide just to cover my eyes
He just walks in and takes me by surprise

"Don't look in my eyes, I can make you turn into stone."
"That's alright." he answers with a smile

"I was just like you, did not know what it was real,
afraid that I would be losing all my will."

"But hey listen to me,
in the world that we're living in
there's not a thing to fear."

Hear me singing the song within
Imagination's dancing 'round and 'round writing stories
Yes I'm happy
This is the greatest fantasy

Now I see where my future leads
Bring it on cause I know everything you taught me
Nothing to worry cause you'll be right here waiting for me*

Summer breeze comes over again
"Morning my friend!" and you're waving your hand
I'm in the dress that you give me
smiling to you: "Shall we dance?"
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