I don't even know what to say~

Mehehe~ yesterday I was chatting with someone and remembered about Ameba.

My english is awful yet


I'm fat like always or... nope, actually I think my weigth is like a fat whale (はてなマーク)

I won't take pictures of myself until I be a person again.

This was Maya the fat whale~



Happy new year!!!!!!

About my last year I think that was the worst year of my life... (ノ_・。)

I had health problems (actually I have to take a cirugy in my gallbladder). My depression was so badly that I couldn't take the control of myself. I couldn't finish my chinese translation career, because I had depression and I COULDN'T go out of my house... then the university ousted me for my recurrent absence.

The most difficult moment in the last year was I had to confess to my parents that I couldn't finish my career... even now my chest hurts, I love my parents, but they let me totally alone when I most needed them. I will remember this event forever,

What selfish! I tried to understand why, and until now my thoughts are confused by that situation.

I miss my dog, he died in 2013... January 10

アップ A picture of him アップ

I think that... the things that I can rescue of my year 2013 are friendship, superation of problems, strength and optimism


I could bought plastic things like circle lenses and eyelashes, things that made me think that I can be cute. I got two jobs too (although for a week each job汗)


I've always thought that I'm useless, that everyone can do whatever better than me, and not.. isn't true. That thing was very important to me, I realize that I can do whatever. I can learn fast, work fast and do it well.

I have more confidence in myself.

This will be my year, I will do my best for that and I will have the horoscope's power, because 2014 is horse's year 馬 I'm a metal horse 馬

My best wishes for everybody in this new year~ラブラブ


I want to draw something, I miss the time that I had in the school, and now I feel sorry for didn't use that time correctly. I wasted my time in things that weren't important.

It's sad look how your life is right now.

Feel that your life isn't yours.

Recently I'm feeling that everybody can say me what they want that I do, but no one ask me what I want to do.


It's complicated.

This was my last drawing





and finally



Takiru from PIECE ラブラブ mixed with Kirarin Revolution リラックマ-heart



Hi~ today my head hurts so much (migraine) (ノ_・。)

My headache won't let me read or do anything correctly ショック!

Something you don't know is that now I'm a red hair girl, and I like it so much. In the future I would like to buy circle lenses and eyelashes



I want to look like a gyaru girl ドキドキ

The problem is always the money and I really don't think that I would, because I'm not a pretty girl at all ハートブレイク ハートブレイク ハートブレイク ハートブレイク

and the most important thing...




Life is hard.




I'm sick リラックマシュー

Since some days ago my health has been bad. I don't know yet what is my malady, despite that I did some medical exams, and now I must to do some exams more.

The strangest thing is that now I'm not feeling that something is wrong with me. I have two options: the doctor gave me a wrong diagnosis or my body is the most weird body in the world むっ