busy week & shoes



Last week was a busy week.
I've been searching for a new job
went to a job interview
and went shopping with my mother. ♪
I'm anxious about getting a new job, but also excited ↑↑
I already had a good bye meal with my co-workers. I'm not sad that I'm leaving them, I think a more creative workplace will be more suitable for me. にやっ
I bought new shoes in the summer sales たいよう
a pair of Desigual heels and a pair of Tamaris flats アップ
I usually don't like Desigual, but these shoes are really nice
my brother told me that I suddenly turned into an old lady who likes Desigual
(lots of housewifes loooove Desigual 笑)
I'm very happy about the Tamaris shoes too
this brand is quite fashionable nowadays
and I think these shoes are timeless
I could probably wear this model 10 years from now えがお



I ordered this shirt from 'live without regret'; a really nice store.
I really like the design, but also the message.
My brother has been listening to hardcore punk for a while.
Eversince we went to London together he has been involving me in this lifestyle.
I feel really attracted to the idea of PMA, especially because I'm easily scared, angsty or negative.
I want to improve my mindset and be more positive, not towards others, but towards myself!
I've got that PMA.

birthday party


I went to my friend's birthday party the other day.
I really wanted to give her cute things, so I chose the Hello Kitty green tea.
But then my mom told me to give her some useful things, because she likes cooking.
So my mom chose some furikake. I'm actually curious about the curry furikake.
I wonder if it tastes nice like curry まるちゃん風