Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice

just a few days ago, accepted sms if my order available and I can take as soon as possible, 'cause only 1CD available (how come?) 合格

and on this friday free going to Taman Anggrek Musik Plus, even I wonder too should I go to fatmawati visiting that stones store (^^ゞ well.. they said I should pay IDR 170.000 ($18) 'cause it's imported, I don't care, but surprising 叫び what I get is Heartagram Edition - Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice with that price, it supposed $34.99 soooooo can someone explain?! was it made in China (LOL) にひひ

even I don't get that screen print, I don't need it anyway うう

that special edition includes 2CD:

- Full Screamworks: Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice (47:08)
- Acoustic bonus disc: "Baudelaire" in braille(38:27)

hmmm Charles Baudelaire a french poet, another fave poet of Valo beside Edgar Allan Poe?!
and that heartagram sign read as 'The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness' lyrics.

'by your heartstrings I am hanging from a dream
gently singing in the warm Autumn Breeze
come look at the scars smother a heart opening up no more
tip toeing along a strand of your hair suspended between
these thoughts and actions miles above reality'

HIM + Heartkiller


there's a comment like this:
'Who is the asshole behind this new sound that has obviously been designed to appeal to 14 year old little girls?! Ville has been brought down to a level of prostitute for record company profits.'

I don't like this song, the lyrics too, the line I remember just only
"beneath the luna alight.. lazarus at frankenstein's"
but I hope the whole album composition aren't like this one ラビト