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    • たこやき

      Takoyaki is a Japanese savory snack in the shape of little round balls, which originated in Osaka. It contains pieces of octopus.It is made from dough, mixture of flour and water.It also contains some vegetables such as red ginger, cabbage and green onion.When we prepare takoyaki, it is necessary to use a special pan whose surface has round half circled dents.You pour the dough into the dents, put the vegetables and pieces of boiled octopus there.When they are cooked halfway, you turn them over with a steel skewer and roll until they shape like a ball.We usually eat takoyaki with sauce and mayonnaise and sprinkle Aonori and Katsuobushi.Takoyaki pana pan with a lot of holes in ita pan with a lot of semicircles in it

  • 11 Dec
    • モアイ像

      It's a kind of stone sculptures. They line on the ground in a south America island. The shape is from human's head to breast. Their size may be more than three meters, I guess. We can't know about who made them, and why they were made even if many scholars have examined that for a long time. It's a mistery.

  • 10 Dec
    • Coin locker

      What do you think this is?It's a kind of box to put stuffs into. For example, the stuffs are a bag, clothes, valuable, and such. Also the box can be locked. You can safely keep your stuffs there. When you have a heavy baggage, you can put it into the box, and you can go anywhere empty-hands. When you go to a pool, you can keep your clothes in the box. There're many box at a station, a public bath, a gym, and such.

  • 06 Dec
    • メモ

      I don't have confidence in myself to make them happy yet.

  • 04 Dec
    • Exercise with a cross trainer

      I go to a gym about twice a week to buildup my body and be healthy. I work out with weight training machines for 30 minutes,and then I exercisewith a cross trainer for 30 minutes.Do you know about thecross trainer?It's one of the cardio machines. You can swing your arms and legs at the same time, griping bars which areconnected each foot board. Because you don't need to put your feet down on the ground, it gives less impact your joints.I hurt my knee, so it's easy on my knee. 私は筋肉をつけるためと健康のためにだいたい週に2回ジムに行きます。ウェイトトレーニングマシーンを30分、クロストレーナーを30分やります。クロストレーナーを知っていますか?それは有酸素運動のマシンのひとつです。それぞれのフットボードと繋がれたバーを握って動かすことで、腕と足を同時に動かすことができます。地面に足をつける必要がないので、関節への衝撃が少なくて済みます。私は膝を痛めているので、それは私の膝にやさしい運動です。

  • 18 Nov
    • 今日のプログラミング~やっと47%までいったよ

      codecademyを初めてもうすぐ2か月!やっとPythonのウェブレッスンを47%まで終えました。(50%になってから言いたかったけど、フライングです)ほとんど毎日ちまちまと30分くらい続けてました。やっと半分きたか~っという感じです。進みは遅いですが、続けられていることがすばらしい。自分をちょっと褒めてあげたいですとは言え、まだ関数のこともよくわかりませんし、リストや辞書など出てきて、変数がいきなりでてきたり、なんでいきなりでてきてなんの意味があるんだとか思いますが。。とりあえず、わからないときは答えを見て、なんとか理解し先に進めていくパターンです。とりあえず、わからないコードはノートにメモります。そして、一行一行、なんの意味があるのかを横に書いて。それでもわからない時はだんなに聞いてます~ノートはほんとにただメモってるだけなので、あとから見てもどこになにが書いてあるかまったくわかりません。。。けど、まあいつかは頭にいれないといけないことなので、きっちりノートを作るということはしておりません、、、今のところ。はやくいろいろできるようになりたい~~^^It's been almost 2 months since I started learning Python!I've done 47% of the lesson.(I should have said it after I finished exactly the half)→I should haveannouncedthisafter I'vecompleted half(of the lesson)I'm so glad to have come here. →I'm so glad to have reached this point.My progress is a little bit lateslow, but I'm proud to keep on studying.Anyway, I'm still not sure about a lot of functions.Rules called"List" and"Dictionary" showed up in the lessons. I wonder why this variablecomes up here? and whatWhat does that mean?Whatever,.When I have no idea, I look at an answer, barley understand the code, and go forward.Then, I then put down what it means next to the code line by line.If I give up on understanding it, I ask my husband.The notebook is so messy, asbecauseI didn't summarize the rules. So It isn't convenient, though oh well.I have to remember the rules sooner or later. Anyway,I think I don't need to make a good notebook so far.I wish I'll be able to use Python sooner.

  • 17 Nov
    • 京都紅葉一人旅


  • 16 Nov
    • 話を聞いてもらう

      I discussed our future yesterday. I wonder how do we have to take treatments. And I told him about what I wanted to talk for two hours!I've been stressed for a long time. I thought I would feel better after I toldthough, it didn't clear my mind so much.Maybe my worries aren't small thing so I have to solve them by myself. I have to change my mind someday. I don't have to be hurry to change.He made time to listen tome, even though he was very busy with work. I appreciate to him.

  • 14 Nov
    • ぐち

      My back hurt, maybe because of having ridden a bike which didn't have enough air. I needed to pedal with strong power so it would have effected to my back. Actually he went to work with my erectric assisted bike without my permission. But when I told to him about this, he felt guilty.

  • 13 Nov
    • リハビリ

      The rehab clinic said to patients not to cancel a reservation on the day.I almost forgot to go the rehab. I didn't put it in my schedule app.But I remembered it right before, I could make it.Some native speaker corrected my English"The rehab clinic asked patients not to cancel on the same day as the appointment."What a neat!

  • 10 Nov
    • remove my spots

      I went to see a dermatologist to remove spots on my face.I felt a little pain at thhe treatment though, it wasn't big deal. It cost 9800 yen only first time. And I paid more 13000 yen for some medchines and a cosmetic.Doctor said the treatment takes effect after about a week. I can't wait.

  • 07 Nov
    • 今周期は、、


    • Planet Of the Apes(Spoilerネタバレあり)

      I've seen Planet Of The Apes "Genesis"and "Rising".This latest movie is called "Greatwar".It was a good movie, but some scenes were cruel because of war. It was hard to seeapes bekilled and be hurt by human.Ceasar took a revenge on a Colonel who killed his wife and son. The colonel was very terrible person. But he ended up to be infected with avirus which destroy human, and he chose to kill himself.Finally, nature defeated human by snow-slide and only apes survived.Sadly, Ceaser died fromwound by an arrow.I don't want him to die. I've seen him since he was a baby, so I'm attached to him. I wonder he was happy. I wanted to see him more.

    • Go to a gym

      I went to a gym today again.I worked out all weight machines 2 around and didcardio exercise for 25 minutes.I could work out using heavier weight than before and walk longer time than before.I think I've grown in strength little by little.I'm going there three times a week if I can. I'd like you to go to a gym to lose your weight soon.

  • 11 Oct
    • プログラミングとりあえず続けてみようと思う


    • 主婦が1から始めるプログラミング

      9月の終わり頃から、プログラミングを勉強しています。前に一回始めた時は、数日間やって挫折してしまいました。そのとにはprosessingをやってました。線や四角、円がかけたり、それを簡単に動かしたりできます。(私にとっては簡単ではなかったけど)座標x, yなど、数字で書かれると図形をイメージしづらく、ギブアップしてしまいました。それから1年と数ヶ月、、また始めてみました。こんどはpythonという言語です。旦那に言語は選んでもらいました。初心者が始めるにはこれがいいのではないかとのことです。また理由は今度聞いてみます。

  • 05 Oct
    • Baby Driver

      I watched a movie called "Baby Driver" at a movie theateryesterday. It was recommended by my friend before.I'm going to write my impression here in English.Scenesof driving and the music areso cool. I was excited about it. I predicted he could run away from police. If that was so, it doesn't make sense to me because he was a criminal. But the ending wasn't it. So I was glad.To be honest, I wasn't sure about theirfeelings of the characters well. I couldn't sympathize with them. I think their feelings didn't be explained a lot.But that's fine, I enjoyed it.And it was difficult to listen English in this movie. I wonder there werea lot of slang or they spoke too fast.




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