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A Mission for an Undercover pair of Nostrils

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening!音譜

ベルI, Tailor Roxan is back sooner than expected to share with you the results of the olfactive mission to which I was assigned at the beginning of the week. Because, yes, if no one ever told you, working at LucianoShow brings everyday surprises and request sometimes for more special tasks. Just to name few examples, I can be called to go on stage introducing the dancers to after wrap a present for a customer or repair a pair of broken shoes. But this is another story, so for now let's talk about this week and how from Charlie I received the instructions for a…手紙


At first let's time travel a bit and go back few weeks ago. One of my coworker asked me to translate a Japanese word in French. As in English it would be said ''Best Scene'', ''Best Memory'', it became in French ''Meilleur Moment''. The translation took a long minute. I asked for which purpose it was and we told me that our polyvalent photographer Charlie was working now on making a perfume. This translation would be used as the name of that perfume when it would be done.メモ

And then Sunday came as much as Charlie did in LucianoShow with the precious sampler in hand. As a Charlie's Angel I received the upper important mission to try ''Meilleur Moment'' and publish my results in this blog. He told me that he was inspired at first by this bottle he received as present.プレゼント

And how in the end the perfume was smelling as if it had been designed for Daisy from The Great Gatsby story. The only difference as we joked about is that the Daisy that would wear ''Meilleur Moment'' would be a bit more smart, marry Gatsby at first and do not drunk drive a sport yellow luxury car in the middle of the night if you see what I mean…べーっだ!

To which I agree. As the use of perfume is prohibited for the staff while working (the use of perfume could change the taste and cover the smell of the food and alcohol we serve), the first impressions I had from it was by smelling it from the bottle and then on a piece of paper. The smell of orange that came in the air as I was shaking the paper to diffuse the notes make me think without any doubt of a young, pure and kind woman. It's not the kind of smell that matches well my skin or personality generally, but I still thought that it smells good and would definitively express well the ''Daisy-like'' women of this world.ブーケ2

Besides that point I was curious to try it and accepted the mission. I made a gothic Drew Barrymore of myself and spray this sunny-orangish elixir on my wrist and neck and ride the train back home.地下鉄

あせるAt first my mistake was to spray it as I would have spray some Eau de Toilette. The sampler is pure concentrated perfume. It wasn't a wise move from me. The smell of a perfume evolve through wearing it and also vary according to the skin and the natural oils of the person that wears it. If usually the ''attack'' and ''top notes'' of a perfume change fast, in my case they last for 45 minutes. The fact that my natural temperature is low didn't help either. More someone is healthy and have a high body temperature, more the perfume evolve gracefully.コスモス

Since I knew that I used the perfume in a wrong way, I decided to discuss with Charlie the day after about my experience and how even if I knew that the composition was more complex, I had mainly perceived a strong orange smell followed by vanilla notes. To compare we tried it on Charlie himself and on mister Nagakawa, one of our beloved bartender. The results were a way more better! We at first laughed thinking how at first this perfume was designed for women, but seemed to match more men. And then my nostrils were finally able to perceive what ''Meilleur Moment'' was really suppose to be.ひらめき電球

So let's be more technical by dissecting and classifying ''Meilleur Moment''.

It's always hard to classify a perfume as many different and contradictory ingredients are used to shape it. But if we follow that chart, I would say that it's a fresh floral one for is composition rich in flowers, but also sealed by a very fruity smell of oranges.オレンジブーケ1

According to the world of perfume criteria, we separate the smells level of a perfume in three or four categories; the attack, the top notes, the middle notes and finally the base notes. How lovely to use the word ''note'' to compare that scent metamorphosis to the progression of a musical symphony!ヘッドフォン

In the case of ''Meilleur Moment'' it starts with an attack of lavender directly followed by top notes of oranges, tangerines and citrus fruits. Then follows middle notes of jasmine and roses and end with base notes of vanilla.ラブラブ

キラキラThe final result left on us this nostalgic impression that we had once when we were teenagers, walking on a date for the first time in a park under a beautiful summer day. Hearts were pounding, hesitation were tangling to the tip of our tongues, but still we were so pure and young that we were able to fill this lovely embarrassment with laughters and ice cream. This without any bad intentions as we were ignorant of how relationships becomes more complex as we become adults.晴れ

For those reasons I think that if one day ''Meilleur Moment'' reach the cosmetic section of department stores it would sell well. Who would not be pleased to buy for few dollars the keys to travel back in time to reach that secret garden and feel once again this refreshing feeling we had once before we started to be buried under the heavy responsibilities that falls on us as we grow up?流れ星

This conclude my report.本

Mission accomplished.

爆弾This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds as spy documents always do.ドンッ

Obviously yours キスマーク,

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