I bought an English study book yesterday.One is a text of NHK English TV "exercise book" with two CD.

Do you know "Shin kannkaku wakaru tsukaeru eibunpou".That TV's book it is.

I will try study today. ---no image---

And more other text I bought.This is same NHK TV text "Eigo de syabera night".It's very famous program.

That text name is "cyuugaku eigo de eigo nou wo tsukuru ondoku doriru".

This text need only 5 munites.I think I can!

---no image---



sorry,I didn't write this blog.The reason is ...I just didn't like English.everything!(-.-;)
I suffering my English skills.My skills is bad.
I can't enter the school which wants to go.It become sad.

Because I don't have enough money to enter the school.
And the course that I can go is not the class contents which I wants to take.

I want to go to the London college of communication.
This school is one of the University of the arts London.
I thought I want to learn to photography in this school from the past.

But this school's expense is high.The foundation course is £6,200 for 1 year.
And I need £28,500 for only lesson(Japanese yen is about 5,700,000 yen),If I go to BA.
And I need enough money for cost of living.It is about £5,000.Total is about £50,000 for 4 years.
It's very high cost for me...I can't pay money.
But I have the class which I want to take in BA course...But I don't have enough money...

Another plan is go to short course.
There are a great many classes that I want to learn, and there is it in this course.
The expense is cheap than LCC.And There are a many course which wants to take.It's wonderful class.Well...Maybe I'll go to this course.



I'm nervous...Because,I'll go to counseling of college of London next weekend.
The counselor is native speaker...Though a Japanese is in the office,there is not on that day.
I have to counseling by English on that day.Therefore I'm nervous.But I excite a little.

I haven't skill of English.

I received E-mail from Japanese office of London college of two.It's excited me.
Both Japanese office was very kindness.
One of Japanese office handle the college and the language school and the university in London.
Another of Japanese office handle the university all of the UK.
However I haven't skill of English.But I have the school which wants to go.
IELTS 5.0 is necessary to enter the school.I think I haven't such skill.
But I studying hard to enter the school.Anyway I have to go to counseling.It's very nervous.
I'm not nervous, If I have IELTS 5.0...(ノ◇≦。)


I sent E-mail to Japanese office of college in London.I'll leave Japan after 6 months.
The first,my plan was that going to only language school 1 year.
And after I'm saving money in Japan again,I was going to come to back to London for going to college of photograph course.
But,several months during, I thought a lot.I'm sure my English level is low.But,I thought to try it.(DAMEMOTO)
I'll going to the college anyway.Taking a photograph is a part of my life.
If I can go to college next year,it's very happy.It was my dream from teenage.If I can't enter to college next year,I'll try it again.Never give up!


I couldn't believe it.The terrorist a bombed underground and a bus of London July 7.
Many people were hurt,and many people were died.It was tragedy.so sad.
Why is there a lots of terrorist all over the world?It's war of the present who the terrorist triggered.
How many people lost life by this terrorism?I wish peace from my mind.

Am I not woman?

I have headache from morning.very pain....I felt becoming well because I took a medicine.
Now,working.But I'm putting NETSU SAMA SEAT on my forehead.(--:)Am I not woman??I don't mind it.
Because,I feel good now!

the library

went the library last weekend.
Though I went to for study English,There were a lots of interesting books.
It was a matter for me.I thought I want to read lots of books!!
When I entered the library,I searched "MAJYO GAKU" and "Gothic architecture"and "fashion textile".
All is my interest stuff.I can't study English here!so many interest stuff!!
anyway,I started study in nice seat.This place is quiet and cool area.
I spent three hours in the library.I studied English for 2 hours.
After then,I bought OKASHI in 99 yen shop.^^;It was not plan.
Though it was a plan only just looking it,I have bought them,because there were a lots of cheap stuff.
Saving money!!

I haven't enough money

I've the college which wants to go to London.It's university of art.
Though I want to go to very much,I can't go...Because I haven't skill of English to enter college.
The college makes a demand skill of IELTS is 5.5.It's easy for person who speak English, But it's difficult for me.
But I study of English hard until the end of year.If I enter the college,I may go to the college.
By the way,only study of English more!...I noticed that...yeah,I haven't enough money of the college and stay...
How will I do it?...I don't know.

rise in price


The entry clearance seem to rise in price.Though the price is £36 now,the price is £85 from July.1.
It's very terrible for foreigh students.From now on,It will may become more and more difficult.