It started out great. Caught my taxi. Had a delicious breakfast before boarding the Eurostar. Made a cool friend and drank sparkling wine together on the trip. Somehow survived inexplicably inferior paid toilets and ticket machine that wouldn't take either notes or cards. Safety in numbers. Hung out in the artsy district she was staying in. Went to check out museum... Realised after buying ticket that wallet was gone. Not willing to check my bag so ended up giving away ticket and left. Headed off on;journey to find La Java(the livehouse). Reunited with some friends, met some new ones and enjoyed a great concert. V. proud and glad I could see it. Crashed with Stephanie for the night and hotel staff kindly overlooked my rather obvious presence. Yay for free lodging. Now heading back to central Paris to talk to police and otherwise wait for my train back to London. heidi. were fabulous but Paris itself turned out to be a let-down. Glad I have my passport, residents card, and some cash, though, as well as some new friends and worthwhile memories. Definitely a life experience but can't wait to get the hell out of France.

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Day One. London. First purchase: Easter eggs. Met up with Sarah from across the convenience store while waiting in line. V. anti-climactic. Immediately start talking shop - post-hug. (Viva la ROKKYUU.)moments after boarding train out from Heathrow (Still talking shop)One of three other people interrupts. “Excuse me... but is your name Leela?”Brain stops functioning for five minutes while processing fact that I have returned to the country of my birth for the first time in 24years - from Japan - for the space of a week - and of all the train cars in all of London, in all the world, a fellow highschool graduate from the Gold Coast is sitting across from me having flown in from Manila and has recognized my voice and made the connection. Mind is blown. She's coming to Japan next year. V. fortuitous.Confimed: 20yr old UNDERGROUND Journey planner is indeed OLD.
Picked up new map of UNDERGROUND for mum. Part from Sarah at Picadilly Circus. Travel Metro alone to Waterloo. (Piece of cake.)By now, have already referenced Dr. Who, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Monopoly, and ABBA. Am walking cliche in cliche-land. (Feel more like tourist in country of birth than anywhere else, ever.) Meet Sarah's other half - Jon - at Starbucks and reunite with cousin Leah for first time in five years. Too long! Meeting too short. Today I travel to Paris even as she flies to Lyon until after I have left. Very glad we could catch up. Planning to spy on her workplace while enjoying best afternoon tea in London. (Both items referring to The Douchester.) Head to Sarah's with Jon and talk geek. Upon arrival, immediately start watching clips of Kamen Rider Gaim. Because, Jon. Same old-same old. XD. Did nails. Ordered taxi. Slept on blow-up couch turned air-bed. Awoke hour early... Wrote blog. Present time, 5:56 am. (13:56 in Tokyo.)
Note 1. Sarah's apartment V. swank.
Note 2. Watched Thor 2, 47 Ronin, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and BRAVE on plane. Walter Mitty V. Inspirational. GREAT movie.
Begin Day Two: To Paris. (Aka...Easter/heidi. )
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そんなこんなで、なんとなくオーストラリアに居る時にROKKYUUの再開ができました。私が編集長になって、サイトを改めてデザインして、ファッション版も含めて再開しました。思い出すと、オーストラリアの部屋で初掲載となったSixhやAsia Girls Explosionを見て、感動しました。その後、すぐチャリティー活動のニュースを探しました。


(The Japanese and English for this blog post are quite different.)

3 years old! I’m so glad to see this day!
After one year, it seemed like the blink of an eye and suddenly we were throwing together a giveaway to celebrate! After two years, it was only yesterday we were mailing of prizes to people and then we were frantically subbing and uploading wonderful comment videos in celebration.
Now, at three years, it feels more like five! Every year, we’ve grown exponentially more busy until last year I hardly took a moment to breathe! But it has been very worth it. Every word of gratitude and pleasure from our readers given either directly to us or to the bands themselves is an inspiration and so we decided that this year we wanted to work with the bands again to give a little something back. There’s a completely different palette of prizes on the table this time and a nice, wide variety, too, so I hope that all of our readers will find something worth vying for!

On a personal level, the visual kei scene has given me a place and a purpose that I struggled to find for many long years. The part of me that loves Gothic culture, the part of me that is a complete anime/sci-fi/fantasy geek, the part of me that grew up in theatre and lives and breathes music, the part of me that is constantly seeking to express the world around me and within me through the written word, even the part of me that occasionally loves to let loose and rock out… all of these facets have found a home in ROKKYUU. I hope that our readers can experience the same. We have some ideas for making the site more interactive in the coming days and I hope that everyone will take part in making VK a home for all in their own way!

Another landmark of this anniversary is the launching of a collaborative project with club Zy! ROKKYUU will be translating interviews new and old from the club Zy website to allow English readers to enjoy the deep, personal material that Zy have to offer. After many chats with Hoshiko-san about how we can work together to further promote the VK scene, we took the plunge on this step together. club Zy’s interviews are of a different style to ROKKYUU’s and a rare treat for English speakers so I hope that our readers will enjoy them!
Check out the first of this series in the form of an in-depth interview with AOI of the GazettE:

Joana also gave our mascots Hexe and Nia a little make-over! As I posted earlier in this blog, I’ll be working on a fictional story based around them just for some fun. Hexe is your typical VK fan while Nia is a rock star so these siblings embody the two sides of the scene which are inevitably different aspects of the same coin.
Come to think of it, Hexe and Nia are two this year! Today is also their birthday so please wish them well! ;)

The new mascot designs and the 3rd anniversary article and giveaway details can be found at the following link!

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