Gosh! As usual, it's been a while! Where do I start?

ROKKYUU have had a busy time of it with so much going on, and personally I've had this ridiculous run of injuries and sickness but now I'm back on my feet... I'm still just as busy as ever!

The "pet project" I revealed in my last blog was, of course, Black Line . Back int he day, I really enjoyed Dio so I've been keeping an eye on this new band, and their speedy progress was so impressive, I decided to jump on in with an interview. As it turns out, it was one of the most entertaining/informative interviews we've had so far, and I think people will enjoy it even if they've never heard of Black Line or Dio, so by all means, please check it out. We'll be covering their live presence soon enough, so stay tuned!

Another band that has really caught my interest in the indie scene is Liphlich. Their first oneman was just utterly fascinating. Split into three sections, the middle section featured lounge-style staging and a gorgeous double bass. It was just such an original show. Please do look into this band as I expect a lot of good to come from them.

You can read my review of the anime cover album Counter action here but for now I'll just say that DaizyStripper's "Monochrome Kiss" and Awoi's "Forever Love" were simply charming with newcomers EVE bringing LM.C's "88" to life.

Awoi have been around the underground of the scene for a while and many foreign fans know who they are, but not so many are familiar with the band's current, passionate performance style and gritty, warm music. Our photographer Yulia got some brilliant shots despite the cramped livehouse so check out the report! This is a band that deserves a second chance if you've passed them over previously and a first chance if you've never come across them before.

Finally, is FEST VAINQUEUR. We covered this band in the Indie Introductory Series but we've also posted many reviews a oneman live report, and they contributed a fabulous signed shirt to our 1st anniversary giveaway contest. Sadly, guitarist Tomo is leaving the band and their live at Ikebukuro Black Hole   was his last Tokyo appearance. However, Fest are moving ahead quite vigorously and ROKKYUU may have some exciting news for you in the near future, so keep an eye out.

ROKKYUU are currently working on several exciting projects that may not bear fruit for a while, but should be ripe and delicious when they do. We appreciate all your support, and hope to hear much more from our readers as you're our reason for keeping the site constantly updating with exciting new reports, review, interviews, and the odd special project!

Also, remember! June 9th is not only MUCC Day and Rock Day, but also Rok kyu day, so give us a shout!