I've been lazy with my blog lately. 2012 has bee a very busy year for ROKKYUU so far and the very moment it calmed down... I was stricken with the chickenpox. Yes, that's right, the chickenpox. -___-

That said, I'm back on my feet, and overdue for a blog.

Let's start with tonight. I went to see Liphlich's first oneman. They really are a fascinating band with such an original sound and style. The highlight was that hey split the show into three parts, the second performed lounge style... with a double bass! I do so love the double bass. Much more detail to come in the report of course!

Another note of excitement is that Headwax Organisation are holding a video submission contest of hide's Rocket Dive. Check this news post for details! Since I became involved in visual kei, hide related events and bands have been a constant in my life and it always inspires to me to see his music living on in such innovative ways. I hope the contest will attract many submissions from overseas. I may even enter, myself. ; -)

Lately, I've found a new personal project that I'm looking forward to introducing to our readers. It involves the reincarnation of a band that broke up in 2010, now with a very different style and some fresh faces. As the old band were quite well known outside Japan, I think many ROKKYUU readers will find the project quite exciting. I hope to see this band gain the support they need to take off!

(My old pet project is flying high already so it's good I found something new!)



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