A year ago today, I sat in my room in Australia working from a shoddy pre-paid internet connection and pressed "publish." Instead of being nervous or excited, I was determined.

Though proud of the Sixh. Fashion Show article and Asia Girls Explosion, at the time, I was more interesting in getting up as much news on charity in VK as I could find.

Gackt's Show Your Heart, YOSHIKI's Crystal Piano auction... When the site was up, I finally felt like I had done something worthwhile to help those affected by the disaster, even if it was such a small thing as spreading the word on how to donate. I was also proud of the musical community I belong to.

That said, ROKKYUU has come a long way in that time. We have been able to cover bands I would never have expected to reach in such a short time. Then again, we did start with X...

One of my favorite projects is The Indie Introductory Series. So far, we've covered Thomas, ReivieR, FEST VAINQUEUR, Black x Berry and we have three more on the way! I became a writer because I have a passion for sharing, but especially for leading people to something new. "Have you read this book? If you liked blahblah series, you'll definitely enjoy this one!" "If you like that movie then this one is definitely for you!" "Oh, you like blahblah band? Have you listened to...?" So as you can imagine, this pet project of mine comes from that passion for sharing. I hope to continue digging up buried treasure for the world to enjoy, so stay tuned!

On the other hand, there are bands we have covered regularly, too. One of those being DaizyStripper whose Yokohama Blitz oneman live report is the newest addition to the site! Of course, when talking about "regular coverage" how could we forget h.Naoto and affiliated brands? The latest Goth Night was also published recently, so take a look at the gorgeous gothic attire!

One of the best and most entertaining (yes, those are two different categories) concerts I've seen in the last year was Kuro Yume's Headache and Dub Reel Inch at Budoukan where comedian Horiken and Samurai Rock legend Miyavi turned a straight-up night of rock into a raucous, laughter-filled, slack-jawed, ho-down.

As editor of ROKKYUU, I have had the pleasure of DJing alongside Fashion Editor, Kate and dancing up a storm at Viju Love Night. Aside from just having a great night out dancing to music we love, it's great to be a part of the internationalization of the scene like that. I have to re-iterate once more, if you ever find yourself in Tokyo on the first Sunday of the month, head on down to Shibuya, turn right past Tower Records and wander into Club Seco up the hill for a great night of VK song and dance!

Later int he day, we'll be announcing the winners of our first Giveaway with prizes from (Ace), DaizyStripper, FEST VAINQUEUR, h.Naoto, heidi., Jury Black, Seba (Sebastiano Serafini) and Sixh as well as ROKKYUU's special prize.

Also to come today, is the introduction of our brand new mascots! Their names are plays on the numbers 6 and 9, so please enjoy the frivolity!

Thank you for a wonderful year, and here's to many more!

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