Having returned to London, I took it easy for a day. After accidentally hopping a train by mindlessly following Jon through the gate I purchased a travel pass with “a weekly on it”and proceeded to meet Kaye Rose in Waterloo for a really awesome burger.
Last time I saw her, she was eight years old and extracted lots of promises to be the next to come to Australia for a visit. That was over 15 years ago. Now she's a seasoned traveler having worked cruise ships and spontaneously uprooted to London. Obviously something about this city agrees with my clans.
We took a walk across the bridge and I dropped her off at work then stopped in at an intriguing tavern with a beer-barrel clock hanging overhead.
I think it was called the Lyceum tavern. They boasted Samuel Smith beer and recommended the Taddy Lager which was delicious.
I decided to hop a bus and snap some shots of the city then wandered back up the same route from Liverpool St. To Saint Pauls.
On the way, I booked in for a haircut and highlights at Jacqui R after a free consultation and offer of a 20% first-timers discount. Getting that done on Thursday.
St. Pauls is really cool-looking. Lots of beautiful stone-carving and statues.
... Can't help thinking of those angels from Dr. Who and shuddering at the amount of statues filling this city, though.
Before meeting up with Sarah I stopped for a meat pie at Garfunkles, doing my share for leukaemia research as each pie donates 50p. Also managed to charge up my phone.
Sarah showed me the remnants of the original London wall and then we walked back though St. Pauls and over to Waterloo to try out The Firehouse bar and restaurant which had caught my eye the first night here. It used to be a firestation.
I sampled a chocolate hazelnut ale which had a great chocolatey scent but was quite bitter. Should have ordered a half. Also had a tasty chocolate tart with vanilla ice-cream.
It was great to catch up with Sarah properly over drinks!
Oh, and we also discovered I almost have a full set of puzzle coins which make up a coat of arms. Just need to find the pound!
Crashed as soon as we got home!
My plans for today are to check out Stonehenge and to meet cousin number three and the bun in the belly!
Also, there is a creme egg Mcflurry I must sample.

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Having spent the night basically “resting my eyes” while internally stressing over the mess of cancelling cards and explaining to my mother that I fell prey to pickpocketing that lay ahead upon returning to London... I took a nice shower, enjoyed some tea for breakfast, and then headed over to the aiport where the most incredibly adorable golden-brown pug cross-breed won my heart. Yes, I am talking about a literal dog(Stay tuned for pictures). After saying goodbye to both two-and-four-legged new friends, headed back into central Paris. Some lovely gypsy-violin serenade couldn't quite stop me from slipping into a state of weary resignation. Having decided to forgo further sightseeing, I headed back to the museum and went in search of a police station.
... French police surprisingly young, excited, and attractive. O.o After an unexpectedly pleasant experience of lodging a crime in a foreign language, I wandered... and wandered, and wandered in search of something that wouldn't turn my extremely empty stomach and/or a station that would lead back to the Eurostar terminal at Gare du Nord.
I once spent 5 hours lost in kyoto because of an upside-down map. I swear that for all of the street maps dotting Paris, they each have a different point of view setting. @_@ Eventually stopped to photograph Hotel du Ville passing it for the Nth time.
Stopped for mozzarella sticks and steak at a restaurant boasting of an English menu. Too bad the waiter couldn't understand it. Also too bad that-as with the pasta and sausage of the previous night-the only discernable flavour was that of ash. Oh and apparently ordering iced tea results in deathly sweet peach liptons. But it provided sustenance none-the-less and I trudged on.
A few more zigzagging laps of the Chatele area and at last I found a bus to carry me to the exit wound.
There I found a cafe, sipped at some sparkling water, charged my phone, and recieved the message that my wallet had been found.
Oh happy day!
Refreshed, recharged, and re-motivated, I made to leave.
Cute fella and the couple accompanying him offered to shout me a beer. They spoke no English. I spoke no French. I imagine it would have been rather fun. But alas. The Eurostar waits for no pursuit of friendship. So it was that, at the end, I departed Paris with a sliver of regret.
Return journey was full, so I weathered it on a tip-up standby seat while blog-writing to keep myself alert.
Blessedly easy to navigate, london. Met Sarah at her station, got home just as the rain got serious and chatted about Paris while Jon finished up an interesting movie about track stars. Consumed worlds best ham and lettuce sandwich! (Glad to know it's French food that's broken and not my taste buds!)
Proceeded to fall asleep through Game of Thrones so obviously, that was me done in.
Today I'm off to meet cousin number two, Kaye Rose!

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It started out great. Caught my taxi. Had a delicious breakfast before boarding the Eurostar. Made a cool friend and drank sparkling wine together on the trip. Somehow survived inexplicably inferior paid toilets and ticket machine that wouldn't take either notes or cards. Safety in numbers. Hung out in the artsy district she was staying in. Went to check out museum... Realised after buying ticket that wallet was gone. Not willing to check my bag so ended up giving away ticket and left. Headed off on;journey to find La Java(the livehouse). Reunited with some friends, met some new ones and enjoyed a great concert. V. proud and glad I could see it. Crashed with Stephanie for the night and hotel staff kindly overlooked my rather obvious presence. Yay for free lodging. Now heading back to central Paris to talk to police and otherwise wait for my train back to London. heidi. were fabulous but Paris itself turned out to be a let-down. Glad I have my passport, residents card, and some cash, though, as well as some new friends and worthwhile memories. Definitely a life experience but can't wait to get the hell out of France.

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