About the mass murder incident happened at Tukui Yamayuri En


Released on 5th September 2016

Press statement dated on 5th September 2016


1 Outline of the incident

Around 2:00 AM of 26th July 2016, at Tukui Yamayuri En (a privatised facility for disabled people) a 26 years-old male ex-employee Uematsu Satoshi broke into the facility through its window. The man stabbed 19 persons to death, and he injured 27 persons (including 3 facility’s staff).

On that day, there were 159 disabled persons (149 permanent residents and 8 periodical service users) at Tukui Yamayuri En.

It is said that Uematsu left the facility with bloodstained knives, drove to Tsukui Police Station, and confessed the crime. According to his statement, local law enforcement officials arrested him for intrusion and attempted murder after conducting investigation over the scene of the crime.

Uematsu was employed as a regular worker at Tukui Yamayuri En by 19th February 2016.


2 The number of victims and their places of residence (as of 26th July 2016)

Victims’ place of residence (excluding 3 staff workers) who deceased or injured is as follows. People who suffered injuries were sent to six medical institutions such as Kitazato University Hospital.

All through the day of the carnage, 108 permanent residents (64 men and 44 women), who had not been harmed, stayed at the facility. Six short-time service users were sent to their own homes.


                          Male            Female           Total

Deceased persons 9(1)                 10             19(1)

City of Yokohama  1                     5               6

Sagamihara City    5(1)                 1               6(1)

Yamato City                                 1              1

Zama City                                    1                1

Ayase City              1                                    1

Hatano City            1                                    1

Aikawa Town                                1              1

Outside of Kanagawa 1                1                2

Injured persons      21(1)              3                24(1)


※ The number inside of parenthesis represents a short-time service user.

3 Each resident’ situation (as of 9 am, 5th September 2016)

Situation                      Male          Female       Total

Stay in the facility         60(24)        30(8)      90(32)

Moved to other facility   18               17             35

Temporarily went home   9                1              10

Admitted to hospitals     2                 0              2


Others                         1                   0            1

Total                           90                  48           138


※The number inside of parenthesis represents persons who was relocated to other buildings of the Tukui Yamayuri En.


4 Response of the Kanagawa prefecture (local government)

(1)Response to service users and facility

In the morning of the 26th July, the Kanagawa prefecture gave press conference, releasing its governor Kuroiwa Yuji’s comment. In the afternoon of the same day, Kuroiwa, who went to Tukui Yamayuri En, received briefing from facility’s official’s, and met a representative of victims’ family members.

Since after 26th July, the prefecture dispatched some staff of its disability welfare department to observe situation in the facility. This staffs is in charge of fact-finding and liaison.

On 29th July, the prefecture set up organisation to dispatch medical and welfare professionals, who belongs to both Kanagawa’s and Sagamihara City’s psychiatric health welfare centres, to support mental care of service users, their family members, and facility’s staff. In addition, emergency support has been provided at prefecture’s own Support Station for Crime Victims (where legal consulting was provided to 23 times and psychiatric counselling was provided to 3 times by 26th August).

On 4th August, the medical and welfare professionals visited Tukui Yamayuri En, holding a meeting to exploring needs of mental care.

On 6th August, Kanagawa Kyodo Kai held a meeting for service users’ family to explain the situation, and an official from the prefecture attended there.

Since 8th Autust, the professionals aforementioned have also provided mental care service to the staff of Tukui Yamayuri En. (From 8th August through 2nd September the care services were provided 104 times.)

Since 8th August, a prefecture official (specialized in welfare field) was dispatched to the facility for relocation of residents and/or reinforcement of staff.

Since 9th August, another official of a prefecture welfare facility was stationed in the facility as a day-time supporting worker.

On11th August, the governor Kuroiwa visited Tsukui Yamayuri En again to inspect situation.

On 31st August, 33 disabled residents, who took refugee in the facility’s gym, moved to other places in Kanagawa.

(2)Official examination of the incident

On 29th July, in order to prevent the similar incident the prefecture established a provisional section in its organisation

On 9th September, the 2nd meeting of the provisional section convened.

On 15th August, the 3rd meeting of the section (its name was modified) convened and a new post for security of facilities was created in the prefecture disability welfare department

On 17th August, the prefecture asked Kanagawa Kyoudo Kai to submit a progress report. On the same day, several official meetings, including disability welfare facility committee, convened.

On 31st August, a meeting of disability welfare facility committee convened.

(3)Other matters

On 27th July, the prefecture notified all administrators of facilities, which support disabled persons or accommodate disabled children, of necessity to take strict security measures.

On 27th July, Minister Shiozaki Yasuhisa (cabinet minister in charge of health labour and welfare) came to Tukui Yamayuri En. Kanagawa’s vice governor Nakajima Masanobu also went there.

On 31st July, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide came to the En, accompanied by Nakajima.

On 3rd August, Kawano Taro MHR (member of House of Representative) came to the En, accompanied by Kanagawa’s vice governor Kurokawa Masao.

On 12th August, Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission Matsumoto Jun came to the En, accompanied by Kurokawa.

On 26th August, Kanagawa’s governer Kuroiwa Yuji released a comment commemorating the tragedy.

On 29th August, Kato Katsunobu Minister of State for Special Missions came to the En, accompanied by Nakajima.

On 1st Septemeber, governor Kuroiwa’s message, entitled “For better understanding of disabled persons”, was published on Kanagawa’s official monthly paper Ken No 



<For more information>

In general: Kanagawa Prefecture, Yamazaki Tel.045-210-4700

Hiroshue Tel. 045-210-4702

Mental care: Health and Welfare Department, Kanagawa Prefecture

Sasaki Tel.045-210-4772

“Kanagawa Support Station for Crime Victims”:

Security Disaster Department, Kanagawa Prefecture,

Nagano Tel.045-210-3570


出典(Source):神奈川県(Kanagawa prefectural government office)




Tokyo, July 27, 2016


Statement to Protest Knife Killing of People with Disabilities in Sagamihara, JAPAN


Midori Hirano

Chairperson, DPI-JAPAN


We, DPI-JAPAN, work with cross disability populations to advocate for society where people with and without disabilities can live equally. DPI-JAPAN is the organization of people with disabilities and has 91 affiliates across Japan.


The tragedy of knife killing occurred on July 26, 2016 at institution for persons with disabilities in Sagamihara city. We express our deepest condolence to the victims who lost their lives and sympathy to those who were injured.


Many details were still unclear till further investigation. However, some media reported that the suspect entered the institution during the midnight and attacked. There was also a report that the suspect was saying that “It is better OFF without people with disabilities” to the Kanagawa Police investigation. If this was true, the act is purely caused by the eugenics that questions the existence of persons with disabilities. We, DPI-JAPAN, reaffirm our commitment to fight against eugenics with great anger and grief.


During the recent years, there are increased incidents of hate crime and hate speech against persons with disabilities and other minority groups. This particular incident should not be overlooked. Now, more than ever, the need to create an inclusive society which does not allow hate crime or hate speech.


Since the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2014 and the effectuation of the Act for Eliminating Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities in April this year, there have been many efforts put in to create inclusive society that does not divide people whether having disability or not.


We will commit ourselves without falter to ensuring the life and dignity of persons with disabilities are protected and to be able to exercise their rights.


Lastly, there were some media reporting of history of hospitalization of the suspect. However, we request media to refrain from reporting the unconfirmed facts which only increase prejudice and prejudgment.


Japan National Assembly of Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI-JAPAN)


URL: http://www.dpi-japan.org



(Japan National Assembly of Disabled Peoples' International )