2009-08-21 11:43:20

6 months


yeah, it has been six months since i last wrote here, since i left chile and came to japan ;D!


uhm.. what can i say... i have had a lot of great momments, but i realized that i hate afs japan, pretty bad uh?

anyway.. they're horrible...

but i'll not waste my opportunity to be in japan because of a bunch of useless and stupid people who tries to get in my way

i love japan!!!

and asd.. other day i'll upload photos and all ;D


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2009-03-16 15:11:16



Omg.. My last day D:!
Today in the afternoon I'll take my plane to Japan D:!!!
I'm so damn nervous and stressed xD

But now I'm with two friends in my house ;D! (Although one's sleeping in my sofa xD) LOL
Anyway D:!
I can't sleep!!! is horrible D:
I feel like I'm forgeting something importart D:!!!!
And.. asds!!!!
I don't know what to write xD
I already packed all my stuffs (like 20 times, because all the times that I finished packing, I founded out that I forgot to pack something xD)

Now everyone is sleeping in my house, except me and Midori (my friend ;D)
But D:!!!, tomorrow I have to get up early (Maybe I'll go to sleep, although I doubt it xD)
And I have to do a lot of stuffs before I go to the airport >o<!

Oh yeah!, the day before yesterday I went to Noix with my friends ;D!, It was really fun, although I ended up losing my voice xD
And yesterday I had my last farewell party with my friends of school and asdsad x3

That's all D:
I'm really gonna miss my friends a lot T____T!!!
But I'll try to update this blog everytime that I can ;D!!!
And... that .-.

I'm going now~~~~ *-*
Wish me luck ;D!!
I love you all ドキドキ

Good bye Chile~, We'll se again in a year more, Lol xD
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2009-03-14 14:44:11

First Farewell Party


Well, the cake originally said "Feliz viaje Marcelita", or "Happy trip Marcelita"
But I couldn't take the picture of the entire cake, because my mom started cutting it inmediatly D:!!!
So I took it when all the persons that came to my home had they piece of cake :3!

Anyway, yesterday was my first farewell party, with my family x3!, there were my mom and dad, my brothers, my aunt and uncle that I like the most (they're also my godparents), another godparents (those last ones are from my confirmation), and other aunt and uncle, that aren't my real aunt and uncle xD, but they're family friends :3!, a priest who is a family friend too :3, he's really nice and he blessed my things and all x3, and last but not least, my grandpa and an aunt that lives with him x3
And well, I had a really good time with them x3, my first godparents gave me some jewerly to bring there, and my seconds godparents gave me $50 dollars to spent there at first and all :3

Also today, I had to do a lot of things D:!!!, and when I was in my way to the supermarket, I recived a call from my home, because two friends came to visit me xD, so I had to go to my home and we talked a lot about stupid things and all xD

So, that's all x3, I haven't finished packing my stuffs yet!!!, and I'm REALLY running out of time D:!!!!
And also today I have to go to Noix, because I'll have another kind of "farewell party" with my friends x3, and the sunday I'll have the last one with my other friends xDD

That's all for today.. just 2 days until I leave... The day past tomorrow... omg...
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