Just some words


Wow!! The first six weeks have flown by with incredible speed. The little alien that came out on August 2nd has been growing steadily and healthily. It is amazing what a few short weeks can do for growth. Kiefer is a wonderful little boy and always fun to be around even when he cries. Though our time together is not as great as I would like due to my work schedule, I try to be an influence in his life and make him happy. Being a father and not having had a great relationship with my own father due to his busy work and traveling, I am trying to be around Kiefer as much as posible and give him some of the emotional support that I found lacking in my own upbringing.

Our favorite activities together are plaiyng with small toys on his play mat, taking baths together and sleeping together on the sofa. Just last night, he fell asleep on my chest while I was watching TV. We have a lovely American made Berkline reclining sofa so it is easy to do.

I am excited about his growth and keep thinking abut the future and what he will be like. But I need to be careful not to miss the here and now while thinking about the future. Fatherhood is a wonderful adventure that has just begun for me. I hope to be a positve influence in my son's life and teach him many things.




My First Few Weeks


Things at my new home have been nice. Many strange faces and fingers poking at me trying to make me laugh. My mommy and daddy always gives me lots of kisses and make sure that I am clean as a whistle. It is so nice to be here that I have started to forget what it is like to be on the inside. The real world is a pretty cool place.

Stretch Time I really enjoy a good stretch in the morning.
My First Lion Impersonation Check out my first lion impersonation. Pretty impressive, huh?
What was that noise? Hey, what was all that noise?
Silly Face Time for Kiefer kisses....pucker up, baby!!