Colombian police stop cocaine hidden away in brick Police during Colombia say they've already seized 50 % of a tonne in cocaine undetectable in a distribution of bricks. Officers said all of the drugs was built with a value of $1.7m (£1.1m) * and AION Power Leveling have been intended for the US. The cocaine was found stashed while in the cargo within the Colombian port city of Cartagena. Police are investigation the construction service provider behind any shipment, they suspect was in fact set up just for the purpose of smuggling medicine. The shipment was destined just for Honduras, from where law enforcement officials believe all of the cocaine would have been smuggled to the States. Officers from Colombia's counter-narcotics police and persons in the US Substance Enforcement Government had received a tip-off with regards to the new build firm. Every time they tested all of the shipment, Tough luck out of 17 pallets of stones proved to hold cocaine. Good United Nations Environment Drug AION Power Leveling Store Report, most of the drugs seized in the usa comes from Colombia. Colombian police seize drug stashed on bricks
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