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Happy Easter Kindergarteners! We hope you had lots of fun and enjoyed your time at Kids EDU’s Spring School. We were pleased to see so many smiling faces and participation in the Easter festivities. On Thursday the children got to learn about Easter things such as the Easter Bunny, Easter chocolate and Easter eggs. After lunch they got to play a game like horseshoes where each area had a point value and they had to throw beanbags to score points. And finally they got to make their very own Easter Baskets! Next on Friday the children learned additional things about Easter, more so focusing on spring. They learned that spring is the start of something new, more specifically new life. We talked about how new flowers bud and bloom also how mothers usually have their babies during springtime. They also watched a few videos of different sorts of animals hatching from eggs. Next we got the children to sort different kinds of animals into ones that lay eggs and ones that don’t. Thankfully the weather was good that day so we were able to go to the park and do egg hunting! The children really enjoyed running around finding and collecting eggs to put in their Easter baskets. After lunch we did a little experiment where we put fire into a glass bottle and put a hardboiled egg on top. A few seconds later the egg was sucked into the bottle due to a vacuum made by the fire by using up all the oxygen in the bottle. They also got to pick their very own water tattoo, which they thought was very interesting. Finally on Saturday we had a delicious sandwich party where the kids had their choice of hotdogs, chicken nuggets, egg salad and ham sandwiches. Then it was time for pancakes! Everyone got a chance to help make the pancake mix and later on make their own pancake. With a choice of syrup, chocolate, or strawberry toppings the children needless to say very much enjoyed their pancakes. By that time spring school was almost at its end, we played a few more rounds of egg hunting and read one last book reviewing what we learn the past few days.


We would like to thank everyone for attending Kids EDU’s Spring School this year. We hope everyone had fun taking part in the Easter and spring festivities and we hope to see you all again next year!

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