About me


Since in my first Ameblo blog post, I didn't really say much about me, I just told you there a few things like my name, country and height, haha.  So, I decided to add a few more, I'll just write it in bullet form since it is easier. 

リボンBasic Information 
My first given name is Kiana, but you may call me in any nickname you prefer. めろ I am now 13 years old and I am a First year High shool / Grade 7 student. 

I like to watch Anime. The Anime I am into at the moment is Hetalia and Working!! . 顔  Actually, I have plans on cosplaying but it is expensive, so I decided to cosplay Kiku first since he is a boy (he looks feminine anyway) and has a short wig which is cheaper. ^^ I'd like to cosplay a girl next~! I would like to travel the world when I get older. 星

I love cute things very much by the wayマーク :-)


I am a shy, usually calm, and reserved person. It takes time before I show how much of a childish person I am.  I am also a sensitive person but luckily, I don't easily cry, but when I do, I do my best to endure it. I don't like it when a person sees me crying or sad.  I am also very inexperienced in a lot of things.  I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I have trouble seeing the bad side of a person, I always see the good side, actually I don't really mind that much about that person's bad side. Nobody is perfect. 

I guess this is some that I could say. ^^


Kris Kringle Part 2


At my previous Kris Kringle from last week to this week, We had something fluffy and something cute~   From those Kris Kringles I've got Ian for something fluffy and Angelica for something cute. I bought Ian a fluffy purse (purse for men that is, since he is a boy *chuckles* ) and a fan, well not the one that looks like this of course : http://www.google.com.ph/imgres?hl=en&sa=X&tbo=d&biw=1280&bih=675&tbm=isch&tbnid=Bic9N7RfYR_vUM:&imgrefurl=http://www.dlsud.edu.ph/offices/museo/inquiries.htm&docid=1Mts-DGT691jfM&imgurl=http://www.dlsud.edu.ph/offices/museo/images/inside/pamaypay.jpg&w=482&h=285&ei=suHBULvWHO6aiAeHp4DACg&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=206&sig=118149078215995377617&page=1&tbnh=140&tbnw=227&start=0&ndsp=26&ved=1t:429,r:6,s:0,i:99&tx=85&ty=64

Since this kind is too common here so I bought the more modern one. I cant find a picture of it though.  I honestly had trouble looking for a gift for him since he is a boy.  I was very glad when he liked it, he told me that he need a purse to put his coins in his pocket and liked the fan very much~ 

And for something cute I bought a notebook with a very lovely and colorful cover, the cover sort of reminds me of spring and it really looks wonderful.  When I saw Angelica's reaction I was very happy to see that she likes it very much 

I myself loved the gifts that was given to me, anyway, I like everything that is given to me anyway, hihi. (≡ ^ ∇ ^ ≡) I've got chocolate (something long and purple, the wrapper of the chocolate is purple) , a bunny stuffed toy (something fluffy), and a lovely figurine (something cute). I forgot what I got for something green though .. (¯ □ ¯ ;)!! 

Kris Kringle

Good Evening~ 

Last week our class did a Kris Kringle, and the majority of my classmates decided to gift "something green" since the official color of my section is green. And I got Jil as someone I'm going to give a gift. I then chose to give her a cute green sanitizer, plus it smells very lovely~  
Too bad I didn't take a picture of it, anyway I didn't really have plans on posting it here but since my blog seemed very empty to me I had to post a few about my school life, hehe.  I wrapped it with a green gift wrapper and hopefully it looked pleasant. When I brought it to school, my seatmate told me it looked cute so I was relieved since I'm not quite great at wrapping presents ..  

This week, we had another Kris Kringle, and ah, in my country we call Kris Kringle as "Monito Monita"~  This time I got Nicole, so when I went back to my chair my seatmates started asking me who I got, but I can't tell them since Nicole happened to be my seatmate and she was the seatmate I told earlier that said that my wrapping looked cute.  I then decided to give them a clue that she had long hair .. :))

I guess this is all I could type write now since it is very late now as I type this post of mine, maybe I'll try to post more of the previous happenings of my school ..

Good night~ 

Anime that I like

Tonight I feel like posting a lot ... (Even though it's already 9:06PM  )

So I decided to talk about Anime.  

Well ... Ano .. I started liking Anime very much last year, and my favorite anime was K-ON! and I was frequently told that me and Mio are alike, well I think it's kinda true, except I'm not the bossy type   

Anime is obviously not new to me. I've been watching anime since i was young, but not much though. I remember that what I usually watch on television are mostly American and Philippine children's shows.

Recently, the Anime I really like is Axis Powers Hetalia. I even picked a Hetalia theme for my Google Chrome. 

Here is the picture:

If you are wondering what Hetalia is about, Well, it's about personified countries and history that is made into a comedy. It's actually pretty funny, but there are some jokes that I don't get at all. Maybe you could try watching a bit of it.

My classmate introduced Hetalia to me. She always told me that Japan's personality is very much alike as mine and said I kinda look like him. At first I didn't get it I was always all, "Ha? How can a country be like me? Are you saying I look like a land mass?" and do a shy laugh. Because of my curiosity I decided to watch it. Then I decided to search Japan on the internet and so a little biography about him. I find it creepy why we are very much alike. 

If you'd like to read it here is the link: http://hetalia.wikinet.org/wiki/Japan

But of course, we still have differences. Like, I'm not much of an Otaku, of course I don't prefer 2D men over real life men, I don't really care much about men right now, I just want to be there friend for now. 

Thinking about our future

Good Evening,
It's been awhile since I've posted something, so i guess this might be interesting enough~

Yesterday during our English class, I decided to have a little chat with a close classmate of mine. Well, it's our free time since we've finished our objectives earlier than expected. Well~ the topic that she and I talked about was our future goals and stuff. To start our conversation I decided to ask her what she'd like to be when she grows up and she told me she wants to be a stewardess.  


I  was very happy when I heard that because I want to be a stewardess as well when I grow up. 

If you're wondering why I wanna be a stewardess when I grow up is simply because i want to travel the world.  

Hehehe ... but I forgot to ask her why she wanted to be one as well though. 

I also asked her what course in college she wants to have. She told me she'll take tourism. So, I told her that maybe I could pick nursing. She told me that her father said that in the Philippines, there is a possibility that I can't get a job due to many Filipinos having nursing as there course and because many Filipinos are nurses. So, because of that, I decided I wont take nursing. So i thought that, maybe I could take Tourism as well, so I asked her what are the things that are being thought in Tourism. She told me that it would teach you different languages and ... Ahh .. it seems I forgot what the other ones are ... fufu

So while we were talking another classmate of mine decided to talk with us with the said topic. She told us that she wants to be a chef~ So, she'd take culinary as her course. I have heard that Culinary is a very expensive course in College, I have a cousin whose course is culinary. 

That's all for this topic~ Bai bai~