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Nike Swingman which most people call Nike fans version is a mesh fabric, embroidery, but all fonts are just single, but some are painted with pigments which also looks like embroidery, below NBA LOGO there is a NIKE hook, size is represented by the letter: S, M, L, XL, XXL and so on, there are a size tag and shape vest.The price of it is seven or eight hundred or more. There are cheaper,but if it is too low,be careful to anti-fake. Children version is cheaper than the adult version's.
Swingman has Youth and Adult sizes. Youth is called children size, the price will be lower than adults.Adult is called adult size, it is generally the most common swingman.

Nike Authentic which most people call it off the market Nike version. Each team is different fabrics ,eg wizard with mesh, the Mavericks did not mesh, the Heat is a smooth material, but all the fonts are a different color embroidery on different fabrics, very layered .Size is the number: 36,40,44,48,52 and so on .Two size tag.The team jerseys of different shapes.The price is eight hundred or a thousand dollars.

Nike Pro Cut is called Nike player version.Top workmanship, fabrics, and only worn by NBA players, almost all the details and Authentic, but because the NBA players wear it.The fonts and number of positions are higher than the fans version , which meant to end of sleeve shirt into the pants. Generally only special people will be three thousand dollars above the price.

Reebok Replica which most people call Reebok fans version.Font is printed iron, there is REEBOK LOGO below NBA LOGO, size is represented by the letter: S, M, L, XL, XXL, a size tag, shape similar to the practice clothes, Cantonese chicken wings called the sleeve. General domestic stores, there are Monopoly, it is 339$ per piece. REEBOK fans version and other versions in the way, in addition to chicken wings, sleeves, there are not the same collar, such as magic uniform, less a star on the collar.

Reebok Authentic which most people call it the field version of Reebok is the same with Nike authentic basically. But the size tag is only one China currently only McGrady, Iverson and JAMES.

But a recent REEBOK REEBOK SWINGMAN and NIKE SWINGMAN have similar meaning. Do not do this year because NIKE and REEBOK have been bought out.$75 to sell abroad,So there are a lot in Hong Kong, people do not buy this jersey there because of fear false. As I am unfamiliar brand of champions, but one thing is certain, champion brand in a few years ago has been discontinued, so now the Rockets Tracy McGrady cheap jerseys have no title cards, some words are false, and champions are also in sub-version and the fans player version, fans and players edition version of the most significant difference is marked in the NBA version of the following. Fans have produced the company's standard, such as REEBOK, NIKE CHAMPION, and no player version. The player version of things is a lot more expensive than the fans version, so that it is definitely a fake if buying the player version for three or four hundred dollars.