to my roommate


today i read my ex roommate's diary on the web.

she has many many things to think.

so i commented to her diary.

like this...


It's been a long time!I've just read your diary.
You have a lot of things in your mind.Sometimes I cant stop thinking things around me same as you.
If I can tell you something,I'm gonna tell you that
"naru youni naru!!"(sorry for japanese...).

Certainly,you have to decide many things by yourself.but when you choose something,you never choose "only" by yourself.
Your surroundings,your neighbours,your condition,season,your friends,family...and so on,everything around you have you choose something.
so you don't need to think so deeply.Your choise is always right.

i miss you!


i surprised myself.

last year,i couldnt stop thinking everything.everyday my face was blue.

is this my comment?i cant believe that.

i found that my life doesnt always go somewhere i wish.

but this is my,

i love my life.

【sunny and cloudy/good night!】


catching a cold...


today's not Thursday...but i'm trying to write weblog in English.

these days i have a cold.

it's so terrible.i have a sore throat and a runny nose.

how can i get well as soon as possible...?!

someone advised to me to get a lot of liquids and take a rest.

i'm gonna try to do so...!

i believe myself.

【sunny/so hot!】


it's been 1 year...


today,i went to CD rental shop.

i chose 2 CDs.

here it is

It Won’t Be Soon Before Long/Maroon 5
Because of You/Ne-Yo

these two were on sale last year.

we're able to rent imported CDs 1year later.

so these two are the newest in rental shop.

for long time,i wondered whether i buy these two or not.

one day,finally i decided to buy MAROON5.

i took it in my hand in CDs shop.

but,,,i found that.

this is NOT new...i can rent this.

i'd been thinking about buying these for 1 year.

Time flies (like an arrow).

【sunny and cloudy/ne-yo is cool!!】


sending e-mails


today's not thursday...but im gonna write this web-log in English!

recently,i often write e-mails to my friends i saw in canada.

im idle,so if i get a e-mail,i dont reply to the e-mail...i know this habit is very bad.

now,i have a lot of time.

because i dont have my work,to be accurate,my new collegue does my work.

i will quit this job at the end of this April.

so i decided that i will study to write e-mail in English this April!

i try hard to send e-mails in English.

it's tough...i dont write it accurately i want to say.

i need textbook about that...

i hope tomorrow is gonna be fine day!

good night

【rainy/i sent 4 e-mails to Korea,Brazil and really looking forward to answering me!!】









I take a English lesson on Thursday!

My teacher is a very funny Canadian!I really enjoy my lesson.

Today's topic is about social rules.

Do you think people is good naturally?I don't think so.

So,there are many rules in Society.For example,kids aren't permitted to drink alcohol.

I think I could tell my opinion more times than usual in my class today.

I'm satisfied.

After lesson,I enjoyed drinking with my classmate at Izakaya next my school!!

I feel really really happy today!

I'm gonna sleep now.

Good night!

【雷雨・曇り  英語は間違っていても気になさらぬよう・・・】