writing training


This is from TOEIC writing test.

I think the best way to find a job is personal recommendations.

Personal recommendations are more reliable than other media.

If I apply a new job by using other media,I have to explain what I can to the company.

But that is just "explanation" not "proof".

Personal recommendations can give a credit for the company.

In other words,that is "proof".

Actually,my ex-collegues found the jobs through personal recommendations.

I think the person can get recommendations has ability to make a good relationship with everyone.

It's necessary to do good job.That's why personal recommendations must be "proof".


周りとgood relationshipをつないでる自信もない。





It has past some days...

I really want to say "I NEVER forget my blog"!!!

I've decided to write about my experiment in Cebu.

Recently,there isn't enough time to do internet.

I am trying to get new job now and I know it's a little late to prepare it

but NEVER give up.That is my dream now.


My memories about Cebu-1


I went to Cebu on Sep 9th to 22nd in 2012.

It was just for 2weeks.

But I could decide to go there after long thought.

Everytime I go abroad,I feel uncomfortable.

This time was the same as usual also.

It was okay while I was on the plane from KIX to MNL.

The plane arrived at MNL,and my heart was beating strongly.

Staffs in airport were reallly kind.They taught me how to transfer.

But I'd been lost in Airport,just a short path.

After 10minutes I found the entrance of domestic terminal.

In the terminal,I felt uncomfortable completely...!

"When is the departure time?""Is this right gate to Cebu?"

I looked around again and again and just looked my ticket...

Finally,the departure time came.

I can imagine my face was really serious.

It's time to go tonight.

I want to finish this essay on my trip.