Method of the bath diet


What kind of procedure will you perform it in with the bath diet?

42 degrees Celsius - 43 degrees Celsius are right temperature of the bath diet.

Because you will soak in slightly rather hot hot water, you should not do it when you are ill.

Because a body is surprised when I enter the bathtub suddenly, at first write it, and, please do hot water.

If I run and finish hot water, I put a body in a bath.

I do it for around five minutes from three minutes at one bathing time and will turn a hand in hot water if getting used to heat of the hot water.

したりなど is light and, in the state that sat down in a bath, moves a body in right and left in the upper bodies in a time.

If the first bathing is over, the bathtub produces a body once and lets you be absent from a body for approximately five minutes.

It is a good method to wash a body and hair in this feeling.

Please perform the exercise in the bath like the first after letting a body take a rest, and having taken hot water again.

I take hot water for a while and I appear and perform two times of bathing for five minutes.

When I take hot water to the third, the temperature of the hot water is told to be allowed to somewhat become higher.

It is easy to get puffed up, and the person that a body is severe as for hot water of 42 degrees enters the bath of 38 degrees by a half-length bath and I hang time and may diet.

The bath diet may get puffed up until I am used.

It is important to prevent you from overdoing it while watching physical condition.

Because water is lost by the bath diet, you must not forget to drink water well.