Week of Feb, 4

International Cafe Hour
M: 1-3 Discussion and Activities
T: 1-2:15 Discussion and Activities
W 1-3 Tutoring

@Iliahi 106

ニコニコ Every body Please come and join us!

Week of Feb.4

Theme: Peace: Human and Nature

Continue: Week one activity and discussion


1. Make sign of awareness Norovirus

Let's all get flu shots and wash hands.
Norovirus outbreak hits US
The highly contagious strain can live on surfaces for long periods of time and is easily transmitted. Currently, the best prevention methods involve frequent hand-washing and vigilantly disinfecting surfaces in the office and at home. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports.


2. Making Valentines Day cards for Leahi Hospital Visits!

3. Learn about Ohelehule Forest Conservation



Paul Zweng's Overview


Founder at Ohulehule Forest Conservancy, LLC

  Managing Member at Resource Venture Advisors


Stanford University

  Queen's University

  Stanford University

Paul Zweng's Experience


Ohulehule Forest Conservancy, LLC


2011 – Present (2 years) Waikane, Windward O'ahu, Hawaii

The Ohulehule Forest Conservancy, LLC ("OFC"), was established to preserve and to restore endemic flora & fauna within the upper Waikane Valley, Windward O'ahu, Hawaii. The only known nesting sites of the endangered 'Elepaio (Chasiempis ibidis) on the windward side of the Ko'olau Mountains occurs in Waikane Valley. The OFC also wishes to rejuvenate former lo'i (stream-irrigated terraces where taro is cultivated) known to exist along the stream banks of the Waikane Stream to vibrant kalo (taro) production. Further, the OFC aspires to establish a high-quality, high-yield cacao farm at lower elevation within the Valley to underpin the establishment of a Waikane-Waiahole cacao appellation akin to the Kona coffee appellation. The OFC is currently seeking community advice and support regarding these goals as well as applying for government approvals and permits. The OFC is at an infancy stage regarding these undertakings.