British minister changed his attitude, sternly rejected by the Chinese entered the war, up to now, or overtly or covertly expressed hope Zhuanghu Chen sent troops to the northeast, part of the United Kingdom can provide funding and weapons. British ambassador to Japan, the Japanese minister 's attitude now become somewhat vague, is no longer the kind of desperate originally cheer,アグ, but veiled means to let the Japanese easing relations with China. Fight for the Qing government into the fray. French minister is not involved in the war in Gansu hope, but it is hoped Zhuanghu Chen in the Northeast show of force to deter Japan, Russia, the two sides, the French Navy to build the Far East. Arrogant manner to the Japanese combined fleet now a bit of pressure to fight by the French mediate. France 's allies on this retreat - Russia, but also feel a little unreliable. If Russia defeated. Then dominate the UK an even more no one can stop it.

Zhuanghu Chen Qian Yafang the governor Yamen, the carefully watched parts of a battlefield and national spectators attache table article. Recent period of time, become almost Gansu governor Yamen IWC Club, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Russia, France, Germany, almost all of the powers of the general public Ministers and Consuls lantern アグ メンズシューズ to アグ メンズシューズ go. Britons feel somewhat unreliable ally, Japan,アグ ブーツ 本物, expect Japan against Russia alone seems unrealistic, and let the British Empire and Russia shirtless singled out, the British had some reluctance, after all, twice the Boer War, the British somewhat unable to support efforts, If you go to war with Russia, the most important battleground is naturally in Manchuria, the United Kingdom of Great Britain Army level even felt himself cruelly, so spoiled British Army and those who ate black bread drinking inferior vodka gray cattle land in a foreign country geopolitics on a somehow desperate, it would be difficult to persuade congress to pass the war budget.

These head interrogation understand after a big crime, severely punished several warning to others. Tell Lanzhou government, questioning the results to be presented to me, I was going for review. Zhuanghu Chen finished, already somewhat stunned to see the little Harriman said: how I deal with the problems? Adults treated entirely correct, even if the アグ メンズシューズ U.S., there is no good way to deal with labor disputes, strikes against the workers factory owners also rely on the government and the military, but the effect is very bad, perhaps adult labor court this way,アグ ブーツ 店舗, may deal with such incidents in the future the world to sample very well. The name is good ! Henceforth called the Labour Court of Arbitration. Adults, the strike touched me deeply, Monseigneur let me handle labor disputes opened the eyes. Well, do not flatter, and I have a little drift, and you foreigners flattering, a little more than アグ メンズシューズ Chinese people is not bad, we return to it,アグ ブーツ 売れ筋, I'm a little hungry, go back and talk over dinner.