The Chinese habits from the highest to the lowest level of power structure, there is no watertight compartment, or is good for everyone, either together sank. Zhuanghu Chen thought for a moment, Conger in words is to be implemented at the county level of autonomy in the country as soon as possible,アグ アウトレット 価格, from the bottom of democratization process, a gradual transition to a true constitutional, rather than engage in a few years directly after the elections. This gradual process of land is certainly better than a sudden break the old rules, Westernization immediately to the robustness, but which from now on, the provinces would like to make the county the right to it. Zhuanghu Chen suddenly realized that now is a godsend ah ! Zhang, Yuan Shikai, Shum Chun, Lu Zhonglin other governors gave the original to get the central provinces, and now the central provinces are temporary personnel sent to grand mingled with the original book to do to maintain the provincial forces have not molding. Go out of the demon moths, that day, so that the elected governor to put アグ メンズシューズ アグ メンズシューズ dig darling ?

Generalissimo,アグ レザーサンダル, アグ メンズシューズ agree Yuan adults views アグ メンズシューズ that is now the most critical thing is to let China avoid the mob French Revolution ! And now the Chinese already have signs of this, it is out of danger. Zhuanghu Chen strange,アグ ブーツ, Conger an American, how would suppress the democracy movement ideas ? Mr. Conger, You mean to suppress democratic voices ? Zhuanghu Chen asked. No, no, no, アグ メンズシューズ generalissimo, now is not to suppress public opinion, but to China to build a reasonable mechanism to prevent freedom of speech later, cited national show, and even violent revolution. Talk about what you mean. China local elections as soon as possible to establish a system of Chinese people know the U.S. president is elected, but most Chinese people do not know is that the governor and senator in U.S. elections important than the presidential election, election mayor, mayor and Rep. is more important !

By that time, the provincial board members have been accustomed to call the shots as the interests of the constituency,アグ サンダル, some cabinet members would dominate the political possibilities will be greatly reduced. Conger made ​​a stable central, strengthen the county, overhead provincial proposal to the provincial governors to dilute the power to the counties, each county magistrate elected by the private sector. Overhead provincial everyone not opposed the proposal, Zhang, Yuan Shikai these people are born governors, governors understand the potential too unwieldy for large central power caused the harm. But so soon engage in autonomous county, アグ メンズシューズ some do not worry, let the people elect the county magistrate, and God knows what kind of selected bird. Liang made ​​recommendations, county autonomy without delay, the county magistrate is elected by the people for a term of four years and shall not serve more than two terms, but be conditional, the candidate must have industry, and is constant production must also be educated, older over- trained scholar school or new school to postsecondary education.