Suicidal Eve

Canadian Girl

I've been pretty depressed lately, I'm wondering if it's this weather that's giving me this effect. It feels like a really long winter and very cold. I never see the sun anymore, working midnights will do that to you. I don't feel motivated to do anything and I'm always tired.
I was supposed to go see KPP in concert this Friday, but I have no way of getting there... so I have my VIP ticket, no one will buy it. *sign* Life just isn't on my side lately.
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OMG HOW IS IT FEBRUARY ALREADY?! I went to see ONE OK ROCK in New York last weekend. I've been sick all week! AND NOW IT'S ALMOST MARCH! (((( ;°Д°))))
*breathes* okay so I might still not be on as much, since I still have to work on my Anime North cosplay line up.
So enjoy my random pictures (‐^▽^‐)

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