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【 politics 】All the entire support from foreign countries is arrested by "Business sort" and the swindle excluding the refusal and pachinko.

We will inform you of three news.

All support of the cover-up of the Democratic Party government from foreign countries is refused.

It is "Business sort. " .... http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20100524/k10014642421000.html as for gambling other than the Democratic Party and pachinko all.
It is elder brother arrest lottery sales [kenhana] of the assembly member of Yasuko Komiyama the House of Representatives and suspicion http://www.asahi.com/national/update/0524/TKY201005240225.html of the fraud.

The blog that records yes and animation in the following has been deleted fast.
It talks about the way of the method of a new group stalker of Soka Gakkai.

Therefore, I think that it was a dangerous content for a moment.

Such an article also : please.

Kyoko Shimizu of Vice Chairman of bizarre [ya] Komeito of group stalker entrance Kawagoe city council crime syndicate and black adhesion http://www.asyura2.com/07/cult5/msg/542.html
【 Soka 】'[Nobupi]' of length of Soka Gakkai [fujinbufuku] [shirayuri] that vomits violent language to imperial household Http://ameblo.jp/sokanet/entry-10403571958.html
[Gekibun] to the academic society member in Kyushu and the [tsukuzoku] hall in the whole country is originated Http://otarunounga.hp.infoseek.co.jp/gikenbo0004.htm .
Danton's blogIt is a blog of Danton who works on abduction and the question of personal rights about North Korea.

Content of article on "1"
Http://sns.mynippon.jp/of the cover-up of the Democratic Party government * link and the fish print of the cover-up of the correction version "【 diffusion request 】 Democratic Party government cut and [mashita] .. It corrects and it sends it again.

The Democratic Party government seems to refuse to accept the dispatch proposal of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and to be desperate in the cover-up.
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【 reference 】From Mr. [dou;ruga-]'s diaryWell, the cover-up activities of the government with one's best ([dou;ruga-]).

As followsMr. [runachitaniumu]'s diaryJapanese Government is reprinting 【Please diffuse 】([runachitaniumu]) that refuses the FAO dispatch.

"The acceptance of the team of the specialist of the United Nations is refused by the Japanese Government foot-and-mouth disease. "
2010.05.21 Kyodo News Service【 Rome cooperation 】Japanese Government : for the foot-and-mouth disease enclosure that has expanded Miyazaki inside a prefecture. The acceptance of the foot-and-mouth disease specialist team to which United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) had proposed sending was refused. The FAO headquarters in Rome was told by the 21st through a Japanese embassy in lived Rome. Japan says that they answered, having said "The acceptance is not thought now while measures of the use of vaccine etc. are done", "I want to obtain the appropriate advice from FAO in the future".
The top fan [ruburosu] beast medical officer of FAO was proposing it of FAO's with the experience and the knowledge of the foot-and-mouth disease enclosure in the world being ready to send the team of experts to Japan for advice and the recommendation.
http://mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/national/news/20100521p2g0 ...

(original)Meanwhile, the Japanese government has declined a proposal by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization to send an expert team to contain the escalating infection in Miyazaki.

(Japanese translation)On the other hand, Japanese Government refused to accept the proposal by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization that sent the specialist the team to contain the infectious disease that had expanded in Miyazaki.

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..http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20100524/k10014642421000.html ".. "Cycle race sales fiscal resources" business abolition
14:8 May 24It was able to be concluded that it was necessary to abolish the granted project of which fiscal resources were a parts of proceeds from sale of the cycle race , saying that "There is a problem in the system of the examination delivered a lot of subsidies to the corporation of getting a position a private company" because of the business sort intended for the public service corporation etc.
As for the business sort that the administrative reform conference of the government does for the public service corporation etc. , catching eye on the third, and 24 are done for the business of 24 22 corporate.
This..Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry..jurisdiction..cycle race..promotion..business..do..cycle race..proceeds from sale..partially..fiscal resources..relation..field..assist..business..cycle race..execute..local government..grant..pay back..business..object..become.
In this, "After JKA is not passed but returning the treasury proceeds from sale of the municipality, the country should assist if assistance to a related field is really necessary. " from those who sort it. 「The ample grant of money keeps being distributed to the foundation to which OB of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry serves as the director, and there is a group with internal reserves that exceed 10 billion yen in the group that receives the subsidy, too. Sales of the cycle race might become the eating strikes of the corporation of getting a position a private company. 」The criticism come one after another.
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry explained the policy of reducing 1/3 of the businesses by greatly narrowing the object field of the granted project by the review that had been done originally in the conserved inside etc. for this. Finally, it was able to be concluded that it was necessary to abolish each business , saying that "There is a problem in the system of the examination delivered a lot of subsidies to the corporation of getting a position a private company" however. The branch field administrative reform charge Minister described, "I in the public management gambling like not only the cycle race but also the motorboat race and horse racing, etc. , was a common problem in the relation etc. between the municipality and the country, and want to show directionality firmly as an administrative reform conference".

It is 16:..elder brother arrest lottery sales [kenhana] of assembly member of Yasuko Komiyama the House of Representatives.. ..fraud suspicion http://www.asahi.com/national/update/0524/TKY201005240225.html "..57 May 24, 2010.
It was done that cash had been cheated by the buying and selling story of the right in the lottery stand, and suspect Kenji (41) of Hashimoto of director of ..Shibuya Ward, = Tokyo =.. this company of former secretary of the assembly member of the House of Representatives it and suspect Toru (48) of lottery sales companies director Komiyama it arrested = this university rice field district = by the alleged fraud on the 24th the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.
Suspect Komiyama was a secretary of the late heavy [shirou] Komiyama and the assembly member of former Liberal-Democratic Party the House of Representatives of father who had served as the postal administration aspect (at that time). The younger sister is assembly member of Democratic Party the House of Representatives Yasuko Komiyama.
According to the investigation of two divisions, suspect Komiyama et al. tell the lie, transfer the cash about four million yen to the deposit account, and have the doubt of cheating it by man (45) of the independent enterprise of Itabashi Ward, Tokyo , saying that "The right in the lottery stand is transferred for 10 million yen" in June, 2009.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department thinks that suspect Komiyama et al. collected 330 million yen in total by a similar way.
The sale and the sales system for the lottery are provided by the certificate method with money of winning a prize, and said that the right to sell is not bought and sold and transferred according to Mizuho Bank.
Suspect Komiyama learns at an overseas high school and the university, and completes the United States Chicago large graduate school. It served as the secretary in charge of policy through [omoshirou]'s private secretary in 1992. It defeats though it accompanies though [omoshirou] died suddenly in 94, and it ran from Saitama 7 district by the Liberal-Democratic Party official recognition in House of Representatives election of 96 years. Yasuko runs from the same electoral district in 00, it is elected first in House of Representatives election of 03 years through the failure, and it serves as the third term now.






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「日本政府 口蹄疫で 国連専門家チームの受け入れ断る 」

2010.05.21 共同通信
在ローマ日本大使館を通じて 21日までに、 ローマのFAO本部に伝えた。

http://mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/national/news/20100521p2g0 ...

Meanwhile, the Japanese government has declined a proposal by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization to send an expert team to contain the escalating infection in Miyazaki.



http://megalodon.jp/2010-0523-1607-55/mdn.mainichi.jp/mdn ...


“競輪売上財源”事業 廃止を

 5月24日 14時8分





小宮山泰子衆院議員の兄逮捕 宝くじ販売権話で詐取容疑