I love LEGOS


Konichiwa... Hello... Aloha!

I’m here again to tell you about another one of my favorite things....LEGOS! I first played with Legos when I was about 11 years old. I enjoyed them then. and I enjoy them even more now! That’s right. I’m a full grown man that plays with Legos! When I was a child I played with very basic Lego kits. Now I buy the most advanced Lego kits available, The type of Legos I use are called “Technics”.... I have about 6 or 7 Technic kits, but the one I bought recently is of a ‘Porche 911 GT3 RS’. It is the biggest most well-engineered Lego Technic kit ever offered! instructions include 856 steps with 2,704 pieces! 








First of all, it’s packaged beautifully. There are 4 separate boxes, with each box containing one stage of the car build. I am truly amazed how much time, effort and planning went into this car..... I used to think the builders of these kits used computers to design and build these kits. But after talking to the salesperson at the Lego store, I learned that they are all designed by hand, trial and error. Constantly building them up and breaking them down until they get the final product perfect! 




Probably the best thing about Legos is that in addition to the kits they offer with highly detailed instructions, is that you can design and build your own ideas. It’s a toy you will never get tired of. There are an infinite number of ways you can enjoy them.

They are also very educational. Playing with them as a child taught me how to design and build my own things out any material.... Wood, metal, or plastic. Custom cars, welding metal, building furniture, even houses! 



One of the special features of this kit is that hidden in the glove compartment of every GT3 RS is an identification number that is assigned to each individual kit. With this number you can log in to your personal Lego online account, enter your personal number, and discover a "special gift" that is meant only for the owner of the specific kit that he or she purchased. I have not yet entered my number,,,,,,, 













You might wonder why I play with toys... Well, it’s because they didn’t have such cool stuff when I was a kid like they have now. And I have more money than I did when I was a kid, so I buy it and enjoy myself!

Not only do I like Legos, I like remote-controlled cars, planes, boats....plastic model kits. Lots of so-called “Kids stuff”! The last time I was in Japan, I went to a hobby convention on Odaiba island. Wow! what a show! It showed me that many japanese adults play with toys also.... I did not see many children at the show. Mostly adults.

So go out to your local toy store and buy a Lego kit. You will find one that suits your taste and skill level.





Thank you for reading my contribution to my wife’s blog!


 Jya-ne! Darrin.