Overseas Football Opening

good evening everyone

I came in August and overseas football has finally come to a stage called start

Yuya Kubo sharpens as a player Gent belongs already has a league match

Gent fighting the preliminaries of the European league has already finished three official game matches

A long season has started

Because it is a new season, I am thrilled with various meanings

Yuya Kubo who joined the reply in last winter is also looking forward to his success in this season
The league opening game was a bench start

Since there is a prelim of the European league at Mitt Week, I thought that it was a bench start considering physical strength,

But when I opened the lid I started the bench even in the qualifying in the European league

What is Bun Hassebrook thinking? Lol

Unfortunately the preliminaries of the European league were broken and I could not see any gent in the European league this season

It is very disappointing

But before that there is also a new subscriber
A new team must first secure a position firmly

It is hard to say to play under the top singing Andrija Schevich in the opening round (laugh) A newly-joined player has started.
I also got points

Perhaps you can say that a new rival has appeared

However, Yuya Kubo who participated from the second half in the opening round had shown a presence with a presence as in last season

Overseas league is not easy

However, Kubo is sure to show off his success like last season

I will be in charge of Gent's match this week too

Let's all support you together

From 21:30 on Sunday at DAZN!