for Shinee lover

hi guys, are u Shinee lover?

sorry for late info

but I see this yesterday

ShareTea will give free Shinee Ticket concert


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u just need to add ShareTea FB

ShareTea FB

and then post your pic on ShareTea FB, with any ShareTea beverage with a comment of not more than 30words on whats u like about ShareTea

the reason i like this tea is,

yah some of my friends must be know i'm really love bubble tea.

and in singapore I love ShareTea

because they have pudding as additional...

the pudding is totaly delicious and smooth and the tea is yummy to... It's made me want to drink it agan and again....

and take a look they packaging,

hahaha this is looks fun cause they put target to stick a straw.


see how happy I am to drink it べーっだ!

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