Exist Trace on nico nico


All the fans saw exist trace on niconico

The street team too.

I really loved

exist trace is perfect!

The girls was awesome

I hope you enjoyed the live online

In Argentina the transmition begun at 05:00am in the morning
._. I didn't sleep, but I don't care,
the important is that I saw my favorite band \(^///^)/

灰ノ雪 「Hai no Yuki」ブログ

灰ノ雪 「Hai no Yuki」ブログ



At the previous meeting, unfortunately,
some people could not be present due to traffic in the city,
because we are in a difficult week, for the Christmas and New Year.

But we had a fun day!

$灰ノ雪 「Hai no Yuki」ブログ