is currently the highest standard "INNETMAX" whole palm cushion technology, the technology has the most powerful cushioning technology, You can minimize the knee, bare knuckle impact in sports, increasing bouncing help. At the same time, its unique AIR-STENT cushion stent technology, allowing better air cushion protection. Excellent shopping network relevant responsible converse pro star person said, INNET cloud series QiDianXie at design time, after thousands of people try, hundreds of fine tuning, the introduction of a perfect fit last type of Asian foot wide, making instep height increases, increasing girth wearing more comfortable. Currently underway INNET excellent purchase sneakers final commissioning and testing, which is expected sale of goods

will be conducted in mid-September, the global simultaneous release in late September. On commodity prices, excellent shopping areas that will be announced at a later date, but the price would be subversive. Dress, of course, is the best partner pairs delicate heels, which, with "straight male cancer" aesthetic point of view, the best stilettos. But as an independent woman, how can be locked secular vision of freedom, quick throw away those worn Hentian feet high, with a quarter of the hottest sneakers that match your beautiful dress, wear clothing with their own fashion! MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA mesh colorful sneakers, light and fresh and colorful sneakers is to show modern charm, youthful style characteristics of a single product, shiny silver snakeskin

collage details at between fresh mint green and orange color light shining fashion show different kind of cool. 3.1 PHILLIP LIM wool collage Tall shoes, abandoning the traditional shoelaces, using elastic laces to build, easy to wear off, even more minimalist style, warm wool collage dilute cool, witty Ms. add flavor. STELLA MCCARTNEY collage mesh sneakers with fluorescent colors to create dazzling section sneakers, iconic green synthetic leather womens converse all star with mesh fabric to piece together an interesting chemical reaction, resulting in endless fresh, filling extraordinary fashion taste . ALEXANDER WANG mesh sneakers, fashion mesh fabric to create a strong sense of this sports shoes, leather embellishment to the details, full of vitality simple, like a burning
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