Detokkusudaietto more effectively


There is a method to perform Detokkusudaietto by a petit fast.

The petit fast divides time and stops a meal.

I can let the internal organs keeping on working take a break.

Metabolism becomes higher, and it is said that I can start an unnecessary thing left in a body effectively.

The necessary energy of the interval where I do not eat uses the thing which there was in blood and muscle, liver.

Finally it becomes easy to be burnt, and left body fat can get a diet effect.

In addition, it becomes the chance to be able to review the disturbed eating habits that are an enemy of detoxification and a bad custom of overeating.

There is a diet program to eat a low calorie menu comprised of about 90% liquid for three days.

I do detoxification while meeting an appetite in low-calorie meal and supplying it while dividing water into around seven times per day.

I return physical condition to the everyday state if I do a petit fast for three days by gradually returning quantity of meal with vegetables juice and soup, fruit.

I incorporate tofu, natto, adipose few chickens in a meal while looking at the condition of the body.

The stomach and intestines are surprised when they eat after a petit fast suddenly.

Because the effects of Detokkusudaietto decrease, attention is necessary.