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2016-10-24 20:23:33

Ok, now its time to get real

テーマ:everything else

The conversation has started compliments of Ryotsu. But with a little over 2 weeks left to til the election, its time to get real :P


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2016-10-22 06:28:20

I went there o-o

テーマ:for the win :D


Election day is November 8, get out and rock the vote guys :D

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2016-10-21 10:18:36


テーマ:everything else


My poor finger x_x how long till this heals up I wonder??? Somehow my food processor blade attacked me while I was making my quinoa chia bread. Right as I was pouring the "batter" in the bread pan the blade fell out and sliced my finger about an inch and a half up my finger.


It did bleed a bit and of course the alcohol stings and burns. But since I wanted to stay on the safe side I did get the shot so that way I don't get "lock jaw" as my mom(who is a nurse) exclaimed even thought its not rusty metel. One thing I will say for all that its worth is that its a good thing I everything I cook is all plant based. I've heard stories of people slicing a finger by mistake while cutting chickens, pigs and cows and then they end up having to get the whole arm taken off ... Even if I was using egg which most home made bread requires it would have been a bigger risk.


Aaanyway its gonna sting for a bit because its on the area where you bend the finger. But really now, it could be worse. Thank God that I have a doctor and medical where these things can be tended to.

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2016-10-15 22:34:00

It actually exists, people !!

テーマ:for the win :D



I have no life anymore @_@

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2016-10-15 10:09:49

Final Fantasy Type 0 !!

テーマ:for the win :D

New to me, old to everyone else just like always. As you remember I did make reference to FF type 0 recently in ameblo world when I mentioned that moogles use gender neutral language and how fascinating that was. Well it took me forever and a day but I finally beat Final Fantasy Type 0 !!



I must say I really did like this one a lot. Somehow or another I never did finish Final Fantasy XIII(and I still own it on that note) but I figured lemme rekindle some FF love right now as the first game I dive into on my ps4. Its been a while since FFXIII but quite a bit of things did remind me of XIII. The crystals, the L'cie all that stuff. This time you got about 14 characters to switch around and play as. And with soo many characters comes soo much cosplay potential, but that's another story for another day. The game play kinda reminds me of the Tales series which kept me interested and the music, oh goodness don't even get me started on the music. The music in this game is sooo rich !! Its so rich that I used my turtlebeach headset mic just for the headset portion to enhance my listening experience of the music xxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDDD



Also I have to say one thing I don't think they ever did before in FF was allow you to switch to Japanese audio. You guys know I am all about that Japanese audio on the characters. How I love to pick apart and dissect all their idiosyncratic speech patterns with the miniscule amount that I even know of Japanese. Anyway voices aside, my favorite characters to play as are Jack, Ace, Queen, Seven, Eight and Nine. Yes I know they all have weird names but that's neither here nor there, they are still awsome !!


Jack is pretty strong, but not so quick. If you know how to use him you can literally 1 hit kill everything. Ace with his card attacks remind me that chick from Persona 4(can't remember her name), but while he knows how to use those cards he's also very quick. Not as strong as Jack but if you know how to use him then you can go the entire battle without being touched by an enemy. Queen kinda reminds me of Asuna from SAO, I gotta be honest. Her fighting style anyway, she rolls with the rapier and she's even faster and a bit stronger then Ace. Maybe for this game I will call her "lightening fast Queen" ... or not. Seven kinda reminds me of Ivy from Soul Calibur, literally in fighting style and her demeener. She has the ability to do close up attacks and ranged attacks at the same time which is pretty cool.

Eight reminds me of Jude from Tales of Xilla and Senel from Tales of Legendia the way he uses no weapons at all and only his fists and feet. He's really quick and if you watch him close enough then you might just learn how to fight in real life !! ... Or not ... once again ... Nine is quite an interesting fellow who reminds me of another interesting fellow from an anime that I still can't even bring myself to watch despite taking great enjoyment in hearing his voice in Dengeki Bunko(Shizuo from Durarara). He attacks with a spear and while he holds it and looks kinda funny his attacks are no joke if you know how to use him right. He kinda cracks me up the most because the way his personality is and how brass he is about stuff xxxxxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDD


Ahh yes then there is Sice, who I actually forgot to mention. She fights with a death sythe and while I don't play as her so often she is my favorite female of the game. Her attacks I find are kinda all over the place but she's good once again if you know how to really play as her well. She's blunt and too the point and very no nonsense. My favorite male in the game ... is actually a really tough choice because I mentioned Nine, and Jack already. Very unlikely to throw out there but I also like Kurasame. Yes he is an anal wipe but everyone likes atleast 1 anal wipe character every nown and then. Plus I kinda wanna cosplay him so that's another thing. He's very stern and straightforward but he's not as wild and loud mouthed as Nine. He's as cool as a cucumber. He's smooth and he knows it literally xxxxxxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDDD


Moving on I must say I had the BL goggles on good and tight during this one. I don't know about everyone else but I'm all over NinexJack right now <3 I can totally roll NinexJackxAce but that's another story for another day. Plus Jack is totally the uke, his voice in Japanese made me come to this conclusion @_@ Only I can base BL Seme/Uke potential off how the character's voice sounds but I'm not even going to get into who I did that to in real life o_o



Lastly overall I'm all over this one, I loved it it was great. And the music was also epic !! I'm honestly debating with myself whether or not to cosplay Kurasame. If so I literally have a long challange ahead of me but that wouldn't be the first time I challanged myself to some things now would it?


Anyway, till next time folks :D

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2016-10-07 20:59:51

You already saw this coming

テーマ:for the win :D



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2016-10-02 06:23:43

my new tea cup <3

テーマ:for the win :D


Hey look it's Ryotsu !!



Green and blue ftw !! Those are literally my colors now xD



Aaand there's Jounouchi :D I love the way this cup came out it was another custom through shutterfly !! Last week was the end of their sale they had going so I through together something in photoshop that would give me the greatest amount of pleasure to drink tea from. Would you believe that a new wallpaper for my laptop ended up coming out of this???



Funny how I go to make a cup and then a wallpaper comes out of it. Anyway, I love it and I can't wait to drink tea from it :D




Heh my cup and my laptop are twins and so is my hair despite being pulled back. Of course I take terrible pictures but that's neither here nor there.

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2016-10-01 21:08:30

Cooking with Otaku Gunso !! "Vegan Lad" Donuts

テーマ:everything else


Try these out and get back to me :D

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2016-09-25 04:39:01

Vegan pizza

テーマ:everything else


Its what's for dinner

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2016-09-22 10:08:00

The video all about Kochikame

テーマ:whatever /heh


Seriously now, look at what this series has done to me xxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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