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2016-08-24 10:22:01

sweet potato dounuts

テーマ:for the win :D
Soo I had some sweet potatoes laying around and decided to try something new with them. Which reminds me I haven't done black bean sweet potato patties in a while, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway with only 3 ingredients I managed to craft these sweet potato dounuts.

Sweet potatoes(mashed and skinned of course), ground bulgur, and tapioca flour. I mixed them all up and rolled them into dounut shapes. Literally the easiest recipe in the world that I somewhat augmented from another recipe that I found.

Dunno about anyone else but I don't use regular old WHITE flour. Such things serve little to no purpose to me and the bulgur is more beneficial. I must add a side note that I rolled them around in ground flax seed grains to keep them from sticking before I put them in the air fryer. You can use the oven if you don't want to or are unable to air fry. Unfortunately regular frying is way too messy and will make my stomach angry with me as an after result ...

Didn't get around to glazing them until later and luckily that was merely a heated batch of water and carob powder to make a chocolate glaze. Literally 5 ingredients make these things up. I don't know about you guys but that's what I'm talking about !!

Give it a try and tell me how you like it (:
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2016-08-19 20:58:24

Alikay Naturals

テーマ:for the win :D


^ Avocado Cream Moisturizing Repair Mask
^ Wake me Up Curl Refresher

And here's the stuff if you want more of it directly from the website !!

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2016-08-19 10:19:43

I've done it again !!

テーマ:for the win :D

I made my own nutella BAM !! I liked nutella and all but I am trying to get away from unsavory things at this time.

And here goes the ingredients list I practically wrote on the back. Who says you gotta use cocoa and WHITE sugar of death when instead you can use dates, and carob??? Also a small balance of and plant based milk with water(in this case its cashew milk) makes for a smoother texture. It really is good <3 and I found a simple recipe online that like everything I augment myself.

I can't wait to try it on my fresh batch of quinoa chia bread <3 Now I can literally make quinoa chia bread in my sleep (:

In other news some of you guys might know but for those who don't I've made some dietary changes in the recent days. about 2 and a half months ago I became a full time vegetarian from a pescatarian. I was a pescatarian for 3 years and felt like if I gave up fish that I would have to add b12 supplements to my supplement line up.

But how wrong I was as I continued to research it further. I came across a local vegan restaurant that specializes in Indian cuisine. This place was so amazing that even the most carnivorous meat eater would break down and say it was good. They did amazing things with beans, cabbage and all the vegetables of my dreams. The stuff was so good and sustaining that I realized that I did not need a dead creature of any sort to sustain myself and my rigorous exercising habits.

But over the 2 months of becoming vegetarian I began to dig deeper as I came across many different resources. I considered giving up dairy as one who is allergic to milk and has never been able to consume cows milk despite the lies perpetuated that it gives "calcium and makes you grow strong". When I learned the truth about eggs I got turned off fairly quickly as well. A local vegan fest couldn't have come around at a better time for I was able to network, learn more things and pick up this small booklet.

Long story short I am investigating becoming a dietary vegan. I love fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains and would feel much better if not significantly more energized filling myself with these foods rather then fish, dairy or eggs. I am learning more how to cook so I can jazz it up and have my literal waffles and eat them (: I should really join the cooking classes at that vegan Indian spot one of these days x_X

So far I know how to make falafel, veggie wraps, vegan pizza(compliments on daiya), and I'm working on the others. I will research further and have fun with my new dietary decisions (: Remember guys a well planned dietary change is a healthy one. If you are deciding whether or not to become either vegetarian or vegan never forget to do your research, learn to cook and listen to your body (:
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2016-08-12 21:03:01

Hair dye perfection <3

テーマ:for the win :D

Because it just is xxxxxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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2016-08-11 21:09:09

Dr Slump part 1 and 2

テーマ:for the win :D

Part 1

Part 2

I honestly have no idea for the life of me how I forgot to post these o_o In the first video I linked back to my blog entry on Dr Slump too ... Anyway enjoy my loong 2 cents about Dr Slump and my terribly faded hair pre touch up (:
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2016-08-09 06:03:27


テーマ:for the win :D
Well its that time again !! With my hair looking so terribly faded and I know my last video made that VERY clear. Its about time to re dye !!

I will be using the same stuff as last time. Cream of Nature Ginger Blonde and One N Only Argan Oil Perfect intensity in midnight blue and emerald green.

So first things first I retouched my roots ... but while I was at it I said "why don't I lighten the rest of my hair juuust a little bit while my roots hang out for a bit"

This time I got it much lighter then I did the first time around because I left it in a bit longer. Now keep in mind that I'm merely nut-shelling this explanation right now. This literally took the entire day, from about 9 am on sunday till almost 3 in the afternoon at that.

The reason why it takes so long is because first I had to use a clearifier shampoo and condition, then the half mask. Then after I "lightened" it, although at this point I might as well just say "bleached". After I bleached it I did another hair mask treatment. I did 2 hair mask treatments because clearifying dries out curly hair and bleaching practically destroys it. The hair mask leaves my curls popping !!

Anyway next up is the hair dye process which was carefully applied despite a few issues regarding perception. This was the final outcome after I washed everything out.

I tried to blend the green and the blue a bit at the part where I part my hair doing down into how I separate it. It flows very nicely because of this.

Now for the grand finale !!

I even got some amazing close ups of my hair line seeing as to the fact I went all the way down to the root.

And there you have it folks !! The best my hair has ever looked 2016 <3
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2016-08-05 09:36:52


テーマ:for the win :D
Literally the EASIEST bread in the world to make. No flour, no egg, and no milk just drama free quinoa and chia seeds <3

I added ground cinnamon for love ラブラブ Now I sound like I've been watching too much Binan High Earth Defense Club ... o_o

Stuff literally takes no time at all to make especially since getting my food processor (:
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2016-08-04 09:16:03

I officially have no life whatsoever

テーマ:for the win :D

Yes this is for real and yes I had this made o_o

The bag is a bit thin but for what I would use it for, the bag serves its purpose (: In before "Arale for vice president" xxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDD
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2016-07-26 10:49:14

My life is complete !!

テーマ:for the win :D

Yes I made my own peanut butter using JUST peanuts that were unsalted. Actually added 3 dates, some carob powder, fenugreek, a pinch of ground cinnamon and nutmeg. I cleaned out the empty body of Crazy Richards peanut butter and put the freshly made peanut butter in here.
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2016-07-25 22:32:36

Dr Slump !!

テーマ:for the win :D

I am so late to post this, it came last week (: Of course I had to watch it first so that's a thing too :P As I mentioned in my "ultimate license announcement video" I actually came across the DVD of Dr Slump where Discotek licensed 5 of the movies and released them to DVD. Of course I didn't go into that much detail but shortly after I released the video I said to myself "lemme snatch this one up <3".

First up is "hello wonderland" which as you can see things kick off and you got The professor, Arale and Gacchan all up there chillin. Actually the purpose of this was pretty simple. Senbei(the professor) came across a video from his father about how to make a love potion. Surely with his lonely self he though "whoa that means I can get Mrs Yamabuki to like me". The father noted towards the end of the video that he used the love potion which resulted in him marrying his wife.

So they have to go to Wonderland to get the "special ingredient". That becomes quiet an adventure and of course a funny one at that xD

Of course while adventuring they run across some interesting counterparts. I do wonder, do these guys look familiar anyone??? Oh yes and lets not forget how Arale being a little robot girl has no fear and thinks everything is funny, including the giant dragon that Senbei told her to throw away because it almost ate them both XD

The movie ended up being really hilarious after the "special ingredient" was obtained and while Senbei's luck is pretty bad like Ryotsu that makes for an even more hilarious outcome. Lets just say things did NOT go as planned xxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Next up is the "Space Adventure" which is a pretty musical piece. Probably should have turned off the subtitles :P but anyway Mrs Yamabuki has to resign from teaching after she learns that her mother had fallen ill. Once she gets back to the planet she was raised on things are definitely not as they seem. Senbei was depressed for a little while but after Arale thought of the idea to make a space ship then Senbei got himself in gear and put his "genius" to work. Here is the shot of the space ship above (:

As I said, things were indeed not as they seemed when Mrs Yamabuki returned to her home planet. As a matter of fact she was confronted by this eccentric looking man who wants her hand in marriage.  This is a spoiled dude who's pretty much a cry baby but in this scene got the taste slapped out of his mouth for not accepting the word "no" xxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDD

As I said this movie is very "musical" about a week before I ordered this DVD I was in one of the anime based music rooms in pigg. Someone played the song this dude sung in this movie and I found it interesting when I saw it the second time around. I literally said "oh my goodness, that one dude played this song in the anime music room in pigg !!"

That being aside everything ended up taking an interesting turn towards the end. How I do wish this blog had spoiler tags though ... Anyway even if Mrs Yamabuki was from another planet you can see in this picture how many people obviously care for her back on earth. Surely they wouldn't have put themselves through all that high risk activity for nothing xD

Next up is "The great race around the world". This movie is one of my favorites on the DVD so far it is most hilarious !! As the title describes everyone will "race around the world". This was actually a thing that was proposed by Mrs Yamabuki's parents that the winner would receive her hand in marriage. Oh gee where was that eccentric man from the last movie when all this went down??? Now surely she doesn't agree with this ... for the same multitude of reasons that I would be gnashing teeth and spiting fire myself.

Of course Senbei hopped on the opportunity being he's desperately in love with Mrs Yamabuki. The only problem is that his funny talking car "doesn't have confidence in itself". Now despite the subtitles I have to be honest and say I actually do recognize a difference in the Japanese dialogue between Senbei's car and the other characters. It seems similar to the way we make some characters have a southern accent or something. But anyway that being aside the race is ON !! And a mysterious body double has joined the race !!

Heh I should have taken a picture of the Yamabuki double xD Like I said no one likes to be pushed into a marriage they really don't want and luckly for Mrs Yamabuki they're not going to make her marry another woman. The race is crazy, offbeat and somewhat merciless. Its almost like Mario Kart on steroids the way everyone is literally rollin here. I'm totally loving it though !! Its literally anything goes xxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDD

Next up is "The secret of Nanaba Castle". I figured I'd try to get a shot of this green precious stone which seems to be really important in this movie. This movie seemed like an interesting get up between the characters as they all played very different rolls.

While Arale and her school friend were both bandits, this guy here(her other school friend) was the head of the police with his younger brother who's literally 2 feet high or something xD

I'm not really sure what all to say about this one being the fact the characters were all in very different roles. I guess it was like a hypothetical stage play of sorts but it was pretty entertaining nonetheless and AHA ~~ there is 2 Gacchans !!

Last up is "The city of Dreams Mechopolis". My second favorite movie on the DVD was quite a trip and a half. As we kinda know there are some spoofs on "foreign" characters here such as Parzen, Suppaman, and this one guy here that looks like the Star Trek dude.

City of Dreams you say??? You know it !! Except one small dictator wants to make it into a city of nightmares to everyone else anyway. That would explain why there is floating kana hanging around. At another point they had floating math as well. Luckly it was all basic stuff so they were easy to get rid of and if you got the kana wrong they would get angry xD

One thing I found interesting was that at one point you see where Senbei and Mrs Yamabuki were living together. Maybe they got married(?) who knows but I'm sure we all saw it coming at some point in time. Of course I find it funny that when Arale told them about the Mechapolis they actually thought she was having a dream xD

Pro tip; NEVER bring home a piece of poop. There is only one thing worse then bringing home a piece of poop and that's traveling home in one xxxxxxxDDDDDDDDD Now you know this is legit some Super Mario World type stuff where EVERYTHING has a face on it. Even the poop swirl has a face on it heh

I will make sure to get a video of this up pretty soon, if I don't cover everything in one video then I'll make it into a 2 part. Please look out for it (:
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