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2016-07-25 22:32:36

Dr Slump !!

テーマ:for the win :D

I am so late to post this, it came last week (: Of course I had to watch it first so that's a thing too :P As I mentioned in my "ultimate license announcement video" I actually came across the DVD of Dr Slump where Discotek licensed 5 of the movies and released them to DVD. Of course I didn't go into that much detail but shortly after I released the video I said to myself "lemme snatch this one up <3".

First up is "hello wonderland" which as you can see things kick off and you got The professor, Arale and Gacchan all up there chillin. Actually the purpose of this was pretty simple. Senbei(the professor) came across a video from his father about how to make a love potion. Surely with his lonely self he though "whoa that means I can get Mrs Yamabuki to like me". The father noted towards the end of the video that he used the love potion which resulted in him marrying his wife.

So they have to go to Wonderland to get the "special ingredient". That becomes quiet an adventure and of course a funny one at that xD

Of course while adventuring they run across some interesting counterparts. I do wonder, do these guys look familiar anyone??? Oh yes and lets not forget how Arale being a little robot girl has no fear and thinks everything is funny, including the giant dragon that Senbei told her to throw away because it almost ate them both XD

The movie ended up being really hilarious after the "special ingredient" was obtained and while Senbei's luck is pretty bad like Ryotsu that makes for an even more hilarious outcome. Lets just say things did NOT go as planned xxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Next up is the "Space Adventure" which is a pretty musical piece. Probably should have turned off the subtitles :P but anyway Mrs Yamabuki has to resign from teaching after she learns that her father had fallen ill. Once she gets back to the planet she was raised on things are definitely not as they seem. Senbei was depressed for a little while but after Arale thought of the idea to make a space ship then Senbei got himself in gear and put his "genius" to work. Here is the shot of the space ship above (:

As I said, things were indeed not as they seemed when Mrs Yamabuki returned to her home planet. As a matter of fact she was confronted by this eccentric looking man who wants her hand in marriage.  This is a spoiled dude whos pretty much a cry baby but in this scene got the taste slapped out of his mouth for not accepting the word "no" xxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDD

As I said this movie is very "musical" about a week before I ordered this DVD I was in one of the anime based music rooms in pigg. Someone played the song this dude sung in this movie and I found it interesting when I saw it the second time around. I literally said "oh my goodness, that one dude played this song in the anime music room in pigg !!"

That being aside everything ended up taking an interesting turn towards the end. How I do wish this blog had spoiler tags though ... Anyway even if Mrs Yamabuki was from another planet you can see in this picture how many people obviously care for her back on earth. Surely they wouldn't have put themselves through all that high risk activity for nothing xD

Next up is "The great race around the world". This movie is one of my favorites on the DVD so far it is most hilarious !! As the title describes everyone will "race around the world". This was actually a thing that was proposed by Mrs Yamabuki's parents that the winner would receive her hand in marriage. Oh gee where was that eccentric man from the last movie when all this went down??? Now surely she doesn't agree with this ... for the same multitude of reasons that I would be gnashing teeth and spiting fire myself.

Of course Senbei hopped on the opportunity being he's desperately in love with Mrs Yamabuki. The only problem is that his funny talking car "doesn't have confidence in itself". Now despite the subtitles I have to be honest and say I actually do recognize a difference in the Japanese dialogue between Senbei's car and the other characters. It seems similar to the way we make some characters have a southern accent or something. But anyway that being aside the race is ON !! And a mysterious body double has joined the race !!

Heh I should have taken a picture of the Yamabuki double xD Like I said no one likes to be pushed into a marriage they really don't want and luckly for Mrs Yamabuki they're not going to make her marry another woman. The race is crazy, offbeat and somewhat merciless. Its almost like Mario Kart on steroids the way everyone is literally rollin here. I'm totally loving it though !! Its literally anything goes xxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDD

Next up is "The secret of Nanaba Castle". I figured I'd try to get a shot of this green precious stone which seems to be really important in this movie. This movie seemed like an interesting get up between the characters as they all played very different rolls.

While Arale and her school friend were both bandits, this guy here(her other school friend) was the head of the police with his younger brother who's literally 2 feet high or something xD

I'm not really sure what all to say about this one being the fact the characters were all in very different roles. I guess it was like a hypothetical stage play of sorts but it was pretty entertaining nonetheless and AHA ~~ there is 2 Gacchans !!

Last up is "The city of Dreams Mechopolis". My second favorite movie on the DVD was quite a trip and a half. As we kinda know there are some spoofs on "foreign" characters here such as Parzen, Suppaman, and this one guy here that looks like the Star Trek dude.

City of Dreams you say??? You know it !! Except one small dictator wants to make it into a city of nightmares to everyone else anyway. That would explain why there is floating kana hanging around. At another point they had floating math as well. Luckly it was all basic stuff so they were easy to get rid of and if you got the kana wrong they would get angry xD

One thing I found interesting was that at one point you see where Senbei and Mrs Yamabuki were living together. Maybe they got married(?) who knows but I'm sure we all saw it coming at some point in time. Of course I find it funny that when Arale told them about the Mechapolis they actually thought she was having a dream xD

Pro tip; NEVER bring home a piece of poop. There is only one thing worse then bringing home a piece of poop and that's traveling home in one xxxxxxxDDDDDDDDD Now you know this is legit some Super Mario World type stuff where EVERYTHING has a face on it. Even the poop swirl has a face on it heh

I will make sure to get a video of this up pretty soon, if I don't cover everything in one video then I'll make it into a 2 part. Please look out for it (:
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2016-07-20 21:19:39

Food processor

テーマ:for the win :D

This thing can make peanut butter !! Nuff said XD
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2016-07-16 23:13:22

Just take my money already Ryotsu !!

テーマ:for the win :D

You guys saw it coming already !!
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2016-07-11 19:59:46


テーマ:for the win :D

Part 3 finally came the other day <3 Of course I watched it before I hoping right into a a blog entry.

First up episode 72 which looks like its called "burning camp spirit" I think. Good thing for bountiful furigana for me to look up kanji I don't know yet(aka the last kanji). Anyway this episode was so hilarious !! Shiratori was introduced in this episode. I'm not sure if its his first run around but basically the episode was a camping trip.

Shiratori has always had a thing for Reiko, so no surprise he'd show up with the RV to show off to her and talk down on Ryotsu while throwing around money. Since they both have fairly strong personalities the camping trip ended up being a big competition between the both of them.

Nothing is more funny then seeing these 2 constantly 1up each other and the most hilarious thing is while Shiratori is rolling with everything Ryotsu is kicking it old school with Terai, Nakagawa and Buchou. The part in the picture was most hilarious because after Ryotsu tried to cook something that he assumed would be safe for human consumption Terai, Buchou and Nakagawa kinda looked at it and were basically like ._____.

Over doing all at its best, while Shiratori likes to show off by throwing money at everything Ryotsu likes to buy stuff and hoard it while attempting to sell it to people to make the money back. This was a most hilarious part towards the end of the episode where they both went back and forth selling and buying stuff :P Leave it up to Ryotsu to buy a bunch of food and then try to sell it back to everyone to make back the money he spent heh xxxxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDD

Next up is episode 73 "the outrageous Professor introduction". For a moment I honestly thought his name was Toujou o_o I have "in English" thinking to thank for that ... Anyway the dude is just straight up offensive but that word can also mean offensive as well when I looked up the meaning. I don't know how they put "professor" in kanji or how they did that now that I think of it o_o

Basically this dude was Nakagawa's old professor from school in England I think. He's pretty obnoxious and him and Ryotsu kinda got off to a bad start after he kinda insulted him by calling Ryotsu a gorilla. He even proceeded to correct Ryotsu over his car which was a "Jaguar"(dunno crap diddly about cars) and I guess in Japanese they say "Jaga".

More competition and more hilarious antics went down in this episode. There was one part where Ryotsu and the professor climbed to the top of Tokyo Tower as a challenge. That professor is so off beat that he was nearly at the top and then had a cup of tea !! He practically cheated anyway because instead of climbing up the tower like a spider monkey(also how Ryotsu rolls) he took the elevator up. Ryotsu got an electric shock from grabbing the top but as you know Ryotsu never turns down a challenge. That's why they call him "Ryotsu the destroyer" :P

For the record this dude is also an inventor of sorts. Many times he comes in the episode with a crazy invention that Ryotsu ends up going overboard on and falling into some kinda trouble as a result. An example of which is the episode with the mask where Ryotsu went around pretending to be other people with the face mask xD There was another episode featuring the professor when Ryotsu went on a time traveling adventure back to his childhood and you can only imagine how that turned out :p

I'm not sure what this title says "birth dove" something. The only "po po" I know is slang for police heh, Can't really guarantee if that's what they mean. Anyway This episode introduces the crazy cop crew. You know Dolphin, Kaipan, and that bunch right??? Well anyway in this episode Ryotsu has to work with those guys which he doesn't like because they're a bit eccentric. Kaipan is an exhibitionist and Dolphin and the others are cross dressing sailor scouts basically :P

Ryotsu has to wear the bird next thing on his head for the dove to sit on top. At first its a bit awkward but then he eventually goes on to train the birds and other birds to spy on the towns people. Of course only Ryotsu could manage this considering the fact that he understands the animals when they talk to him(like the episode with the ostrich police).

Ryotsu told Buchou that he KNEW what he DID !! Ryotsu knew that Buchou bent down and split his pants, he also knew that Buchou was reading a nudy magazine as well. Oooop !! Who else to gather dirt on???

Why not become the unofficial bird man while you're at it and use those birds to catch a criminal xxxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDDD Of course the most hilarious part is when the birds started picking up unsavory habits from hanging with Ryotsu. Pigeons be all up in the convenience store buying lottery tickets and going to the derby betting on horses x) They even play pachinko now !! And yet they all have better luck then Ryotsu ever would :P

Ok the only thing I can make out of this is "I AM the lead roll !!" and I don't know the other part. Most hilarious gag episode EVER !! Then again they tried to make a movie and pretty much failed and had to retake it many times :P

Sooo awkward xD They couldn't get a good shot and where is Reiko???

The only thing I can make out of that is "hard boiled" o_o I know the 2 kanji beneath it but I don't know how to read them together ... ._.

Of course my favorite part was where they decided to make the police box a character. Up there rolling Koban for a week till people start looking at me funny heh. Although their take on it was quiet humorous considering the show IS about a police box in front of kameari park :P So yea lets make the police box a character for kicks and giggles and see how far it goes xxxxxxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDDD

They even had the draw ups in the end xD They really went all out with this one heh !!

This is hilarious I'm not sure the theme of this DVD like how 1 showed us Ryotsu and 2 introduced everyone else but whatever the theme the episodes are hilarious and while other characters were introduced they still kept the funny all the way through xxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDD

It took me a few days to get this up but I do plan to have a video up about it pretty soon, please look forward to it !! (:
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2016-07-11 19:55:34

Cosplay interview

テーマ:for the win :D
Compliments of fellow cosplayer Jacky the nerd, I've been interviewed about cosplay !!

part 1

part 2

The interview was separated into 2 parts and its a written interview (: So glad to know this is actually legit. I can't tell how many times I've been "interviewed" for cosplay and then never see the video surface ...
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2016-07-02 09:16:40

@Rightstuf "ultimate license announcement"

テーマ:for the win :D

Rightstuf sent a question to my email regarding what my "ultimate license announcement" would be for new(or old) anime to get picked up. They said to post about it on facebook or twitter but since I really don't mess with neither I said to myself "lemme make a video about this instead". Of course there is nothing more entertaining then me running my mouth about obscure anime titles that noone gives a crap about :D
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2016-06-25 22:16:32

It's already been called into existance

テーマ:for the win :D

Vol 2 guys <3
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2016-06-24 05:07:49

こち亀の時間だ!!「Part 3」

テーマ:for the win :D
Because now I have vol 2 and I love it <3

This DVD has episodes 1 and 2 on it which I'm really happy for because those were ironically the first kochikame episodes I saw that really sold me on the series !! I saw them subbed back then so I kinda know whats going on already :P

First off I must start off by saying, not only is the opening hilarious but also very fitting. This year summer has finally come !!

xxxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDD Ryotsu's swim shorts have hearts on them auhauahuahuahua

The first episode and Ryotsu is LATE !! Or is he??? More like he is rushing so he won't be late because he left at the last minute XD Komachi and Naoko can't catch him on the bike, but then Ryotsu said he can go 90km an hour or something on the bike. Unfortunately km really doesn't mean anything to me but if its faster then a car then that's pretty darn fast XD Only Ryotsu I tell ya <3

This part was where Ryotsu took a challenge for food. Like I said about Ryotsu's rational is that if there is food and money involved he goes all IN !! He almost tripped while whacking those moles and still he ended up like this.

xxxxxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD His powers are REAL I tell ya @_@

Several things were broken in the process of Ryotsu trying to catch the criminal in this episode. Hilariously enough they said it was the first criminal he caught in 8 years /heh This page of broken stuff actually reminds me of counting stuff in Japanese which is always a task in a half. I always have to remember which one to use ._.

Another find day at the police box before the new blood comes in (: Buchou is so mad at Ryotsu that he will probably have a heart attack o_o

While the main crew was introduced in episode 1, in episode 2 is when Nakagawa comes in. He makes quite the entrance too with the helicopter zip line and all.

This part was really hilarious in episode 10 xD Ryotsu was building a plastic model kit of a tank, and Buchou caught him and got mad. This was a portrayed image basically :P

Honda made an appearance in this episode. He's like Ryotsu's right hand man when he's in the motorcycle mode :P They are friends anyway and I guess Ryotsu probably showed him the ropes like he did with Nakagawa(the reason Honda calls him senpai). I find it hilarious how over the top Honda goes in the motorcyle mode, he will literally over do it almost as much as Ryotsu xD

Another scene I found humorous. A life sized doll of Ryotsu, Reiko made for the traffic education thing to the children xD It's actually very accurate and I found it even more hilarious that she went the extra mile to put body hairs on it XD Except Ryotsu's chest hair doesn't curl up ... not that I noticed .... o_o

Ryotsu and Buchou are practically at each other necks. They can't perform because the children are present but that doesn't mean they still won't try to get even. Its an all out WAR !! Remember the portrayed image??? :P

Oh goodness I tell you this is my favorite episode on the second DVD right now !! xD

In episode 39, Ryotsu meets Maria(who is introduced in the anime for the first time I guess). Now I always found it interesting that Maria is the resident "transgender" character. Its not often I see that depicted in anime and this is a comedy anime too. In the manga I heard she did make the full transition but in the anime she still has man parts.

Ryotsu didn't realize that Maria used to be a man and she made him 3 bento boxes. He's greedy so he ate all of them at once :p

I always like the eye catch sequences in Kochikame

Aaaaand this is what Ryotsu looks like when he finds out that Maria still has man parts xxxxxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDD Well first he looked like this then he got really pissed off. Between that and finding out that Matoi is his cousin I wouldn't be surprised if the poor dude was turned off on love forever xD No wonder he doesn't want to ever get married auhauahauhauhauhua

This ending was different then the other ending. It featured Reiko in it alot but I didn't get many pictures because it was only half of her and the picture moves up slowly. She did have some nice outfits on too.

The ending in the other 3 episodes were like this xD Fun low keyed song to finish the episode out before you watch another.

Heh Ryotsu is literally HOT !! Wooow I have problems xxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I will also put up a video about this soon so be on the look out :P

Till next time !!

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2016-06-17 01:48:56

My Anime List

テーマ:for the win :D
My Anime List !!

Yea, so like after 10+ years of watching anime I've finally taken it upon myself to make a my anime list account. Now here's the part where I'm legit going to look like I have no life whatsoever. I spent a long time between yesterday and today looking through archives of anime seasonal line ups all the way back to 2005 to list down all that I've seen ...

Yes now there are many that I've dropped as I said in my profile. I can't seem to handle many long running ongoing type series. Stuff like one piece drives me into the ground. But I'll occasionally watch One Piece for kicks and giggles. Even stuff like Gintama and Naruto I can't seem to keep up with. Though Naruto has my old school love(back in my teen years) as well as Gintama which I used to watch raw back when the series wasn't very well known(still kinda isn't now that I think of it).

Now the purpose of me making this is that I always have a hard time every now and then keeping up with the shows that I want to watch. After this past winter season juggling 7 series at a time I said to myself "wow I need a better way to organize all this". I also like how you can plan what you want to watch and when you watch it you can mark that you either completed it or dropped it and then rate the series as a whole.

Now this is another part where things kinda get tricky. I very seldom give an anime that I drop a bad rating. Like I'll give 6(fair) or 5(average) but very seldom does anything go lower then that. Only 2 I gave a lower rating to. Rosario+Vampire I gave a 2(horrible) because of gratuitous fan service that had no other substance to back it up. I know I'm going to receive a lot of hate over it but for me I personally feel like, if I'm going to watch a series THAT fan service heavy its gotta have something else to back it up(substance, comedy, ANYTHING). The second series I gave a poor rating to is Koihime Musou. I gave it a rating of 4(bad) and maybe this is just my bias and all but girl on girl really doesn't interest me. With that being said I was turned off and discontinued watching after 2 episodes.

Now the question remains, can I rate a series I didn't even bother to finish??? Surely I can being the fact I must give an idea to why I didn't finish it even though the number system is quite vague. Its hard to say though. I have very picky taste when it comes to anime so while there's many I'll pick up and watch there are also many that I've dropped as well. Though all at the same time I'm open to recommendations and I'm open to try new stuff outside my general line of interest in terms of anime.

Everything as it stands now after me sifting through archives and my own memory for different anime that I've seen over the years, I currently have 414 entries. Currently I'm watching 10 series. Kochikame was a given but I picked up HunterxHunter and Dr Slump on the side. I've completed 312 series total which surprises this crap out of me o_o I've got 3 on hold until I can find more resources. I've dropped 71, which ... like I said I can be very picky at times. And lastly I have 18 between random stuff and summer line up stuff that I plan to watch.

With all that being said you can see why I feel like I have significantly no life after going over my stats plus the amount of time that I've already put into this. Anyway some series I don't always watch upon the release date(example; HunterxHunter, Kochikame, Dr Slump, etc) but even if I'm late to the party its better late then never. Like I said it doesn't matter when you watch it all that matters is that you watched it and you enjoyed it and that we can all have a nice conversation about it afterward (:

I also like how you can list your favorite anime, as well as your favorite characters. I have rewatched quite a few and as you guys know even own some of the titles that I've seen. I will have to edit all that another time though because I've already put a massive amount of time into this list as it is.

Anyway, that's all for now
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2016-06-12 22:41:24

Resonance of Fate

テーマ:for the win :D
More like resonance of insanity when I go to describe what it was like playing through this game !! I've been playing through Resonance of Fate for roughly 7 months now and finally beat it last night !! Of course this is so exciting that I made sure to take pictures :P

That last dude was a piece of work. Most of why it took me so long to beat was because of him. When I first started out between lvl 90 and 95 which where I was when I got to him I learned he was 90+ lvls higher then me and at that point had a lot of grinding to do.

Now surely everyone knows that the amount of grinding is always commonly associated with rpg type games but this one takes grinding to another lvl(literally). There were many times through out the game that I had to grind but mostly other times where I just had to plan my moves out very methodically. I always considered myself good at planning stuff but in game I was surely made to look like a noob. This is literally the type of game where if you flop once in your strategy the whole match is thrown. Some battles were exceptionally hard because of this reason. But its all the more satisfying when you do get through it.

Funny thing just many games do these days this one lets you save right into the next game. This game is actually quite some years old and I had gotten it almost a year ago and finally gave it a try 7 months ago after finally getting the chance to get around to it. Many that I've spoken to about this game have told me that they quit it because it was just too much grinding. Although the terms "taking a break" and "catching a breather" were most commonly used. This game actually gave me a lesson in determination in perseverance all over again for I had literally gotten to the last boss and was ___ < that close to literally quitting it due to frustration.

Now that I think of it I actually have a few other games I haven't cleared yet and now feel like getting back on board with those games. One of those games is Dragon Age inquisition which I've been totally meaning to get back to being the fact I've had it for over a year and still have no cleared it yet.

Anyway being the fact that I've been playing through this game over a long time period I kinda forgot some of main story points in this game. What I do remember is that its kinda like FFX where you got the main characters challenging the concept of religion and (in game) god but this game even goes the extra step to actually bring science AND religion together o-o Its quite a thing and a half and its not surprising that you have Zephyr who's like a total emo boy, Vashryon who's kinda the older, seasoned member of the group and Leanne who kinda not even human(but has human emotions though). In a way it reminds me also of Hunterxhunter which I've been watching quite a bit of these days. Vashryon and them are hunters and they come across all kinds of crazy stuff in the form of monsters and bosses. Even one dude who becomes a fan boy for Leanne is someone who you end up having to fight but saying anymore would possibly ruin it for everyone(who HASN'T played this game already anyway???).

You do have the option of putting the game in Japanese(voices anyway) which makes things a little interesting. You also find out from doing this that they call Leanne something different in Japanese. Other then that you're in for quite the adventure if and when you play this game. You will rip your hair out half way through the game :D As for as grinding goes all I'm gonna say is that for the last dude, you wanna at least hit lvl 150 before you go up against him xD The rest is up to you (:

Till next time folks !!

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