My world

My world, my madness.

Sometimes we have to wipe the tears and keep walking without worry about the past...

There have been a while since last time I was here... Well, now I'm here again. Now it's my new start, my new story. Life keeps going on, so we have to do the same.
Everything have change since last time I have been here, I wonder if I can use it as I used too, anyway I will try and I have to say I'm much more open minded now. Life haven't been kind, but we have to overcome it all to become stronger and be able to achieve what we want.
Well my old friend, I hope we can back being friend as we used to be one day. I'm ready for a new story, hope it have a happy ending this time.

"新しい日々に 私を見つけよう 七色の空が綺麗に染まる頃
そのままの君が一番素敵だよ 今日も明日も あなたに言われたい."
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