True Love


Have you ever felt like our life is limitless pursuit for unachievable goals?

The materialistic world never satisfies our thirst. The more we have, the more we want. This is the nature of man born in flesh.

Are you really sure the thing you are doing now or trying to achieve is your lifework? How do you align the meaning of your life to your current life? Do you even want to seek for the meaning of your life? Or simply indulge in worldly pleasure and die?

All the emptiness we feel in wrong love relationship or focus on earning money comes from the endless desire of the flesh. Then, what is the true love or true food we have to seek for?

Are you caught up in your past, either it is glory or misery? We cannot live in our past. Then, how do we want our future to be?

In creating man, God made man from the soil on the earth, but gave the heart, the spirit to be living creature. We are made in the image of God, with spiritual heart and physical body.

Everything in the nature followed the natural law, but only man failed to do so.

War, environmental problems, murders, broken hearts... these all originated from the fall of man.

Can you deny? I don't know how people can deny the existence of God, seeing all the wonders of the nature.

The tragedies on earth is the product of fallen man. This, we have to face because it is the deed of our ancestors.

Why do we care? Because we are not satisfied by the way we live. And this is because we are made in the image of God, with the heart which is longing to love one another, and restore the relationship with God, our creator.

If you want to live your life as it is, and die with no meaningful fruit, go ahead.

If you want to live in the truth and live with living water which will never thirst you, please bear with my poor writing and make a little room in your heart to listen. I have finally found how Christians should live. Not like cults, not like those self-satisfied fake ones, this real family of God is working urgently for the peace on earth.

May the word of God sink in your heart.