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This week I shot an episode for a NHK program テレビ called “プレキソ英語音譜

It is a 10 minute show that airs every Saturday at 18:50-19:00.

I went to an elementary school in Tokyo to see what it is like to be in a Japanese school.本

So I went to a classroom, gym, music room, and science room.

The aim of the episode was to introduce new vocabulary such as microscope, trumpet, pencil case, and more.

This was the first time I have been on TV on a major network so it was a great experience.

The episode is plan to air on the 2nd week of November.


Signing off,

Adriana チョキ

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ナイフとフォークFood is part of our everyday life and the easy access to food makes us take it for granted.

Ever since I saw the documentary, Food Inc in my freshmen year in college, I started to pay attention to what I eat and research where our food comes from. 本メガネ

The documentary taught me the reality of the food industry in America.

It was an extremely educational film and it encouraged me to change my lifestyle.

Since watching the film I feel like a smart consumer.音譜

Another documentary that talks about food is called Fed-Up. パンチ!

I am excited to see this film because it talks about how the food industry contributes to America`s obesity epidemic.

I hope this film will provide insight to the core of the issue because it is a major problem that needs to be solved.


Signing off,

Adriana チョキ

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Recently I went to 富士山 Tsukuba-san 筑波山 富士山 for hiking.

This was the first time I attempted to hike a mountain in a long time so I forgot how physically challenging it was. 汗

My friend and I hiked the shortest trail, but we ended up giving up half way in order to go to a restaurant to eatナイフとフォーク. (lol)

As inexperienced hikers we did everything wrong.

Firstly, we did not have any hiking gear.

On the hike I realized we did not appropriately dress for the occasion.

We just had tennis shoes, yoga pants, and bottled water while everybody had backpacks, fleece jackets, bells, etc.

Secondly, we did not check the weather. 雨

Midway through the hike it started to rain so we decided to end the hike.

So we went back to the car 車 to have an early ナイフとフォークlunchナイフとフォーク.

Even though we did not finish the hike I still had a great time.音譜

We had great conversations, made great memories, and ate amazing food afterwards.

Hiking was fun but it will not turn into a hobby of mine.

Signing off.チョキ


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昨日は、お休みと言う事もあり江ノ島までPre Birthdayを友達としに行って来ました。クラッカー



天気にも恵まれ、とても楽しいPre Birthdayとなりました。音譜ラブラブ
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Hello Everyone,

How are you? It`s been awhile since I wrote a blog entry and so much has happened.

I just came back from Vietnam 飛行機and it was so much fun.

This was my first girls’ trip and traveling to Southeast Asia.

We went to Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, and Phu Quoc Island.

We did so much in so little time.

From the floating markets, museums, squid fishing, and more I was blessed to be able to experience these activities.

This trip was unforgettable and I am looking forward to the next opportunity I will travel with my girls. 音譜

Signing off. チョキ

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