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Hello Everyone,

It looks like we have finally entered rainy season.雨

On gloomy, rainy day like this I like to stay home and catch up on my favorite TV shows.

Right now I am really into a show called “Suits.


The show takes place in a top corporate law firm in New York City.

It follows two main characters Harvey Specter and Mike Ross.

The series focus on them as they solve cases for the firm but there is a twist.

Mike Ross is a college drop-out and does not have a law degree.

It is an entertaining show but the vocabulary is difficult.

I hope you will find this show enjoyable as well.

Signing off.

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Hello Everyone,

Last night I went to dinner with my classmates.ナイフとフォーク

That was our 4th outing together.

I feel lucky that I am in a small class where everybody gets along and genuinely enjoy each others company. ニコニコ

We got to know each other, laughed a lot, and ate yummy food.

Yesterday`s dinner was a success because we have planned our next outing already.

Possibly karoke or bowling.

Either way I am excited to go.

This week will be Holly`s last week at E-Room.しょぼん

Since I started working here she was so helpful and I will miss her dearly.

I wish her the best in all her endeavors. 音譜

Hope to see you again!!

Signing off


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Hello everyone!

It is really hot today!

Well, I have some news for you all. Today is my last day at E Room!!!

It is very short notice, I know, but I will be starting a new job from next week and will not be able to come to E Room.

I have been working here for almost as long as I have been living in Japan, so it feels really strange to leave. Honestly, it hasn't really sunk in that I won't be here drinking hot water next week chatting.

I have had so much working here and talking with so many great people. I will really miss spending my weekends here with all of you.

I was able to say goodbye to some people yesterday and today, but there are many people I couldn't. So for those of you I couldn't see this week, goodbye!

I will probably come visit E Room some Saturdays, so maybe I will see you then!

Thank you for everything!

holly 音譜

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gonna miss her a lot !! しょぼん


土曜日:14時~20時 での営業のみとなります。





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Hello Everyone,

Over Golden Week my friends and I went to DisneySea.

It has been over 10 years since the last time I went so I was really excited to go.音譜

We mainly focused on going on many rollercoaster rides as possible because we wanted to get an adreline rush.

Out of all the rides the Tower of Terror 叫び was the most fun.

We ended up going on that ride 3 times. ジェットコースタージェットコースタージェットコースター

Unfortunately I was not able to see any shows or parades because my friends are not interested in performing arts.

Also, it was windy at night so the fireworks show打ち上げ花火 had to be cancelled.

Even though there was a few disappointments that happened it was a fun day overall.

My friends and I have already planned our next activity together and now I am just waiting for that day to come. 音譜

Signing off. チョキ

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