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DME Stage 5 Lesson 72 -General Review-


Can you learn English here every day except for Sunday?
  →Yes, you can learn English here every day except for Sunday.

Who would you ask for help if you were in a difficult situation?
  →I'd ask my parents for help if I were in a difficult situation.

Does fashion influence the kind of clothes that you choose?
  →Yes, fashion influences the kind of clothes that I choose.

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DME Stage 5 Lesson 71 -General Review-


【past continuous】
Case 1
We use the past continuous for a continuous action at a particular time in the past.
We use was/were and the present participle (-ing) to make this tense.
e.g. I was reading my newspaper at home yesterday at 6 p.m.

Case 2
We use the past continuous plus the past simple when one action happened during another action in the past.

e.g. I was reading my newspaper when somebody opened the door.
     They got the prize while they were working in that company.

We use while before the past continuous but when before the past simple.

Case 3
We use the past continuous plus the past continuous when two actions were happening at the same time in the past.

e.g. I was reading a German book while my husband was cooking dinner.

We use while before the past continuous but when before the past simple. 

Did you meet anyone while you were coming to school today?

  →Yes, I met someone while I was coming to school today.

How many kilometers are there in a mile?
  →There are 1.6 kilometers in a mile.

How far away is the bus station?
  →The bus station is two miles away.

What happens to water in a lake in winter?
 →Water in a lake changes to ice in winter.

Why is it dangerous to walk on ice?
 →It's dangerous to walk on ice because we can fall down.

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DME Stage 5 Lesson 70 -General Review-


Would a mixture of orange juice and red wine be a nice drink?
  →No, a mixture of orange juice and red wine wouldn't be a nice drink.

At what temperature does water boil?
  →Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.

How long does it take to boil an egg?
  →It takes five minutes to boil an egg.

Does the school provide you with the books that you need to study?
 →Yes, the school provides us with books that we need to study.

Can you remember that title of a book which you read as a child?
 →Yes, I can remember the title of a book whick I read as a child.

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