Challenges to deliver your work on time...

There are several challenges in my job to maintain your work schedule ontime. Many people in the corporation tends to give works to others whenever the task cannot be done or the person does not know what it is. The corporation is very young and division of taks are not very well delineated.
WELL JUST SAY NO! and it is fine you may think. However my vision concerning that is a bit different, I always see what we can do and if the percentage is high I ended up accepting the tasks. The outcome of that is spending many hours of your life doing different things in parallel which is you are not able to concentrate into one single task.
TIME COSTING and YOUR RESOURCE WASTED with poor performance. Wondering If I said no on that time.

My lessons learned here was accomodate your time schedule first before saying yes. If does not fit your schedule, you have to have the courage and braveness to say NO!

However, my colleagues also gave me good advises such as negotiating and exchange tasks with others to make it fit the time schedule....

I know it is very basic working skills however it is difficult and also needs to have the habit to train your mind everyday to that. Balancing the personal achievements and the achievements of your team or company in your mind is very hard task...

Check this out - Write and Erase it


Today is Monday, and over the weekend I was working in some documentations for my project. Well, many people prefers to make corrections and notations on the digital media but I don't. I know it is a waste of natural resourses however I am still onld style.... I read it on paper and correct on the paper.

However, pencil for me is too umprofessional to have the corrections however by pen your work will have several scratches, lines and a blot of ink I found out, to ones in Japan is already known a pen called FRIXION BALL whic allows to erase the ink by rubberring the silicon part of the pen into the paper. It looks like the old gymic for the chemistry kits experiment for kids. However it is true.

The ink has a peculiarity of "uncoloring" in temperatures above 65 C and reappering in temperatures bellow -10 C. After you erase it, the ink stays "uncolored" until someone puts the documents in the freezer (which does not appears to be common...LOL). However attention this pen cannot be used in official papers and official signatures because it could be easily.

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Saturday Night Fever


At home, Saturday, I suppose to go out have a beer and relax.

Today I woud like to talk about my experience of Saturday. Saturday is time for relaxing for those who have Saturday off. Practice some sport or do something about your pending personal affairs.

However I am sleeping the whole Saturday which is waste of time in my thoughts.

Therefore I am raise my personal project to enjoy my Saturday and Sunday as well.

Although I have sleeping problems, it is imperative for me to have determination to get up Saturday morning and do what I have to do.

My personal Saturday will be as follows:

1. Wake up

2. Go to the Gymn and sweat a lot

3. Clean my room

4. Check the news

5. Study a bit

6. Go out and visit places in Tokyo or Outside Tokyo

7. Work a bit

8. And sleep

A good rythm gives a better concentration on the day to day affaiirs, which I am not able to do it right now.